Write, write, and write some more.

“It’s what you do that makes your soul.”

-Querying agents for book #1 in series.
-Writing book #3 (aka 9-12 because they’re so long) in series – how has it been more than two years now that I’ve been working on this? Where does the time go?!?
-Writing a new novel that’s completely and entirely different from the series, and loving every minute of it to the point that I can’t wait to tell the rest of the story and see how it develops. A quarter of the way into it, and I’m already invested in the characters and their lives … in the story that I get to tell.

10+ hours of writing almost every day. Am I crazy?!? It probably seems that way, but writing so much just makes me realize how much I love it. In fact, it makes me love it even more. So no, I’m not crazy. A bit bleary-eyed by the end of most days, yes. But loving every minute of what I’m doing and always hoping, dreaming, and praying that I one day get to do this as a career.

Because, as one of my characters so often likes to say … “Miracles can happen if you only just believe in them enough.” And I do. After all, isn’t that what the holiday season is all about? And, with a little bit of luck, it’s hopefully what all our lives are about, too.

Happy Holidays to everyone!! :-)


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