New York State of Mind.

“Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leavin’ today
I want to be a part of it, New York, New York…”
~Frank Sinatra, “New York, New York”

New York

Technically that “today” should be “tomorrow,” but since we’re catching an early train and I need to make sure to send out an additional two queries before we leave, I figured I’d post this now. I’m headed to NYC for a few days — Central Park, Wicked (finally!), and the main reason I wanted to go, a book reading and signing by another of my favorite authors, Allison Winn Scotch. Not only is Allison a New York Times bestselling author for her second novel, Time of my Life, but she also writes celebrity profiles and has a wonderful, wonderful blog (linked on the left!) that’s proven an absolutely invaluable resource for many aspiring and new authors. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she’s truly kind and sincere in her desire to help everyone as much as possible. She’s been a big inspiration, and I’m really looking forward to meeting her tomorrow and to getting her new book, The One That I Want.

(And sidenote, but what does it say about me that I’ll be away for just four days and I’m already missing my writing time for the rest of the week? One of these days I’ll learn to take a vacation … maybe.)

Back on Friday with lots of stories!


5 thoughts on “New York State of Mind.

    • Thank you!! I’ve wanted to see Wicked for a long time now, so I’m really excited to finally have the opportunity. Your rave review is making me look forward to it even more!

    • Isn’t it gorgeous?!? I was looking on Google for NYC skyline pictures and I kept getting so distracted because each one was prettier than the last. There’s something about the city at night, when it’s glittering with a sea of lights, that’s just magical.

      Oh, and you HAVE to see Wicked if you ever get a chance! Seriously, I can’t rave about it enough. Everything – the sets, stage, story, performances, music – was just incredible. I’ve always loved the music, but hearing it in the context of the story made me appreciate it even more. It was a beautiful show … mesmerizing, almost!

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