Soundtrack to your soul.

“Did you think I didn’t need you here
To hold my hand, to dry my tears
Did you even miss me through the years at all?”
~Kellie Pickler, “I Wonder”

I. Am. So. In. Love. With. Writing. This. New. Book.

Have you ever gotten so swept up in your work that you literally can’t wait for the next opportunity to sit down and dive into it again? That would be me. I’m having such an amazing time working on this new novel, I can’t even explain it. There are just no words (well, unless SQUEEEEEEE counts). The idea for it popped into my head out of seemingly nowhere, and my excitement for it just grew as I researched, planned, and outlined. But when I started writing it, well, that’s when it seems to have taken on a life of its own. As inspired as I felt at the outset, it honestly seems to have multipled infinitely since. I’m sixty-two pages in, halfway through the seventh chapter, and having such an amazing time getting to go along with these characters on their journeys. I think one of the big differences this time is that I genuinely feel like I know all the characters, even the secondary ones, from the outset. My favorite part is definitely detailing the central storyline and the parallel journeys my main character is going on, but even just working the others into it is such a blast. Adding the multiple layers, having them all tie in, it’s just way too much fun. Seriously – this can’t possibly be considered work, because I adore it way too much for that. Nothing would make me happier than being able to sit and write, write, write this all day, every day. We’re going on vacation next week, and I fully plan to wake up early every morning so I can still work on the novel. I simply cannot set it aside for that long. I can’t. Is that sad? I prefer to look at it as a reminder that I adore this too much to ever stop.

And, as always, music is once again playing such a huge role for me. I need quiet when I write, but I’ll often listen to certain songs before or after, ones that just connect with the story and its messages so well. There are three main ones so far, so I thought I’d share. As you can probably guess from the lyric above, Kellie Pickler’s “I Wonder” is one of them. If I had to choose the song that best encapsulates my main character’s journey, that would be it. Will that change as the story goes on and her journey continues to unfold? Perhaps. I can’t wait to find out. The other two songs I’ve been getting such inspiration from are Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” and “I’m Not That Girl” from Wicked. Each speaks to a different part of Sofie’s story, a different part of who she is and who she’s learning to be.

That got me thinking. Is it possible to have a soundtrack to our lives? I remember doing a sociology project on that in twelfth grade. We were asked to go from birth until our current age, choosing songs that either described specific points in our lives or were meaningful to us for some reason. I don’t remember what I chose anymore – I should really go find the project I compiled – but I do recall how much fun I had working on it. If I were to make a list now, I wonder how many songs would be the same. I wonder which ones I’d choose to represent this time in my life. Right now, I’m torn between Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” and Wicked’s “Defying Gravity.” There are so many more, though, and I’m half tempted to make a list of them. When I’m not writing that is … so, never?

What about you? What song defines your life at the moment? If you created a soundtrack to your soul, what would be included?


11 thoughts on “Soundtrack to your soul.

  1. I love how excited you are about writing this book! :) and i’m so glad i’m able to get a behind the scenes look! You make me feel special! I always marvel at connections and parallel journeys in stories, and yours definitely has some good ones, at least from what i’ve read so far!

    hmm…i don’t know if i have a song that describes my life at the moment. Maybe one of those instrumental tracks that plays in the background when a bee is buzzing around a flowerbed? I definitely have songs that i want my life to resemble. Taylor Swift’s song ‘Mine’ is my favorite right now.

    • Oh my gosh, SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED. Probably too excited about something that’s supposed to be work, but that’s okay. I know you know what I mean. I’m so glad that I get to share a behind the scenes look with you and equally as glad that I get one for your novels! It’s so much fun to share the whole writing process with you … and of course you’re special! :-) I’m with you on loving those connections and parallel journeys in stories. Having that added layer of depth makes it all so fascinating, and I find it so interesting to see how writers achieve that. It’s definitely something I’m trying to develop further in this book, so what you said really, really means a lot!

      Okay, how creative is your song choice? And how fitting? You have so much going on right now, and that definitely conjures up the image of a bee buzzing around and trying to get everything accomplished. Love it! I haven’t heard of that Taylor song before — is it a new one??

  2. For me, I would say its “Anyway” by Martina McBride or “Breakaway” by KC. Probably more so the latter. : )

    I know this is going to sound strange, but have you ever had anyone tell you that its impossible for you to become a writer because its a dream thats unrealistic? If so, what have you done to prove them wrong? I’ve had a lot of people tell me the same for singing.

    • I love that Martina song! It instantly stood out when I heard her perform it on an awards show a couple years ago … the message is just inspiring. Love your choices!!

      I’ve been very fortunate in that everyone I know is extremely supportive of my passion for writing. Some have mentioned that it’s an incredibly difficult industry to break into, which I agree with completely, but they’ve been great about pushing me to pursue it anyway. Honestly, I adore it so much that nothing would have stopped me, even if I did have people telling me that. I’d take those comments and use them as motivation to keep doing anything and everything to make my goals happen. Easier said than done, I know, but sometimes turning the negativity into positivity really does make all the difference. If you have a passion for singing above all else, then you shouldn’t let anyone’s opinions deter you from that!!

    • I’m not a fan, either, but I love the lyrics to that song — the Idol version and the one done by Kelly’s backup singers Jill & Kate are both fantastic!

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