I wish I may, I wish I might.

“Dreams are the touchstones of our character.”
~Henry David Thoreau

Live your dreams Listen to your heart My only wish

As of yesterday, I am officially halfway finished the first draft of my current manuscript (!!). In the interest of not sounding like a broken record, I’ll forego the option of gushing over how much fun I’m having with it. Suffice it to say that while I’m so, so excited to continue exploring the journeys my characters are going on, I seriously can’t even bring myself to think about the story being over. I just can’t. Not that any of the characters are remotely close to anything that could be considered an ending yet. They still have so much to do, so much to learn. And, in the case of Sofie, as well as some of the others, so much to wish for. There are things she wishes she could change, things she wishes she could control, things she wishes she knew and things she wishes she didn’t know. There are conflicts she wishes she could resolve, answers she wishes she had, problems she wishes she could fix for herself and for the people she cares about so much.

I wrote a scene today that brings a lot of those emotions to the forefront for her, and it got me thinking. How many times do we wish for something? How many times do we wish we could change the past or influence the future? How many times do we wish for something, yearn for it, with all our heart? Probably more than we even realize. So, just for fun … if you could be granted any three wishes right at this very moment, what would they be? Big, small, anything in the world. If you could snap your fingers and make those wishes come true, what would you choose?

Make it count Wish upon a star Are you living your dream?

~Good health and happiness for everyone (cliche, I know, but this summer has been a reminder that as long as you’re healthy, everything else will somehow fall into place)
~Signing with a literary agent and taking the next step on this journey to having a career as a published author (bet you all never saw that one coming! Ha!)
~Hmm, I have to admit that I am beyond ready for my own prince charming to come along — well, okay, he doesn’t have to be a prince charming. Real life doesn’t work that way. But that connection? That love and a family/children of my own? Definitely on my wish list (also cliche? Maybe, but that’s okay) :-)

Your turn. If you could have any three wishes turned into reality, what would you choose?


5 thoughts on “I wish I may, I wish I might.

  1. Any 3 wishes, eh?

    1. Having happy, healthy children (b/c one of my greatest fears is having the opposite of that) (oh, and not anytime soon)

    2. Long, stable, successful career as an author (the sooner the better, lol)

    3. Hmm, I don’t know yet… Can I raincheck it for later? ;P

    • Rainchecks are always offered ;-)

      I love your choices. #2 is definitely one I relate to (I’m still rooting for 2010 to be our year!), and I absolutely agree with your #1. Health and happiness really are the most important thing, so much so when it comes to children. Everything else can be worked out if only those two things prevail!

  2. hmm…three wishes…i feel like Aladdin! :]

    I definitely agree with your second wish! And as a sub-wish underneath that, i wish for the time to keep querying. I’ve fallen way behind since coming back to school. It’s definitely a process that takes concentration and a fair amount of time. I’ve been focusing more on writing lately, anyway, so i hope i can get back to querying soon.

    um…my other wishes. I would love to wind up in Nashville, singing. Anywhere. Even if it was just singing in a honky tonk every night, i’d consider myself blessed.

    Wish #3 sort of encompasses my first two. I want to start pursuing everything i want to in life, career-wise. I feel like i’m spinning my wheels here in college, though i know it’s necessary to get my degree and learn everything i can. I’m just so darn impatient ;]

    • I was so thinking of Aladdin as I was writing this entry! I loved that movie when I was a kid … I even used to walk around singing “A Whole New World” ;-)

      Obviously the solution to your busy schedule is just to stop sleeping … who needs rest anyway, right? Seriously, though, it has to be really tough to find room in your schedule for all the time it takes to query. Do you find that being in the thick of a different writing project affects it too? For me, I’m so into writing, writing, writing right now that it’s all I want to do.

      I love your Nashville one, because it just seems so perfectly suited to you. There’s something about the vibe there that seems to match so well with your personality. Are you planning any upcoming trips? ;-)

      Hmm, I don’t know about that whole patience is a virtue thing. It can be so hard sometimes, especially in a position like yours where you so clearly know what you want to do and can’t wait to pursue it all. Enjoy every moment of college while you’re there, though — it flies by!!

      • I definitely agree, being patient is HARD. I’m really trying to enjoy every moment, but getting to that spot that’s just around the corner is always in my mind, too.

        As for upcoming Nashville trips, my mom and i are thinking about visiting in May once i’m out of school for the year!!!! it’s just an idea for now, but i really hope it’ll happen!

        And haha, i’ve definitely contemplated giving up sleep…but then i’d be too crabby and my roommate would move out :p and yes, all i want to do is write now! I have a ton of writing endeavors again (i’m going to have to start focusing on one like i did with Infinity), and i’m just trying to enjoy the inspiration while i have it. I’ll get all the ideas i have down on paper (or digital paper…i’m always on the computer) and then go back to them one at a time when i feel like it!

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