Appreciating the view.

“When you close your eyes to see the view
You’ll miss everything surrounding you
Stop and just look around
Get up and look around…”
~David Archuleta, “Look Around”

I’ve been meaning to post for the last few days, but it’s seriously beginning to seem like time really does pass by in the blink of an eye. How it goes from 8:00AM – 8:00PM so quickly is just beyond me. Part of that may be due to the fact that I’ve been working like crazy lately (editing, queries, and synopses, oh my!), but still! As I’ve been reminded over the course of working on this novel, though, sometimes it’s just impossible to slow down when you’re right in the thick of something you adore so much. Not that I mind. Not that I mind at all. As a writer, there honestly is just nothing like that rush of invigoration and inspiration that you get from a project you love so much. I’ve been trying to figure out how to put that into words for my query letter, and honestly, I’m not sure that it’s even possible. Some feelings and emotions simply transcend language.

With my query letter finished as of yesterday morning, I turned my attention to the synopsis. For me, that’s always been the most challenging part of the process. I know, I know — how can it be easier to condense a novel into two paragraphs as opposed to a few pages? It seems backwards, and it probably is for many writers. The space constraints are so limited with the query, though, and that helps. Thinking of it as jacket copy also makes a world of difference, at least for me. With that frame of mind, it’s so fun to dive into the writing. The synopsis? Well, it’s fun, too, but it’s also a balance of deciding what to include. How many details are too much? How few aren’t enough? I always, always, always end up writing too much the first time around. I’m happy to say that I have a full draft, though, and am looking forward to jumping back into work today and editing it down to size. It might sound contrived or hokey, but I truly love every part of this process. Tightening the framework, adding another layer to the house of cards, taking another step forward on the journey (apparently I’m all about metaphors this morning) … how can that not be exciting?

I did take time out to vote yesterday. Politics have always fascinated me – in fact, I only had time for one elective in my schedule all throughout my college years, and I opted for a course called Politics and the Media. It was easily one of my favorites. There’s something very inspiring about the democratic process. No matter what your political beliefs or who you vote for, just having the privilege of doing so is something to be proud of, no matter what day. But on Election Day? It seems to take on an added spark. I still remember my parents taking me with them to vote when I was a little girl, and I look forward to doing that with my own children one day. For now, I’m happy just to know my voice was counted. Oh, and to watch all the election night coverage. It never gets old. Compelling, exciting, thought-provoking … it’s uniquely interesting in the best way. Hey, Diane Sawyer, need an assistant to work for you? ;-)

Yesterday was a definite reminder of how important it is to slow down and take a breather every once in a while. No matter how much you love your work, no matter how eager you are to immerse yourself in it, taking a moment to look around, see, and appreciate the view is always a good thing. This time of year is always filled with so much hustle and bustle, so much creativity and productivity. It’s easy to get wrapped up in that. It’s wonderful to get wrapped up in that. But taking a few minutes to see the world around you? That can be wonderful, too. Don’t just look, truly see it. It’ll only fill you with an added inspiration. That’s what I’m doing right now, gazing out the window and the beautiful orange, red, and yellow leaves. They’ll be gone before I know it, so I’m taking some time to appreciate them. Even in the midst of what’s been a writing and working frenzy for me, I’m going to make a point to make that momentary breather part of my everyday routine.

And then it’s back to synopsisville.


2 thoughts on “Appreciating the view.

  1. You already embrace one of the most important secrets of living well. I couldn’t agree with you more, that everyone should take some time to appreciate all the simple beauty in life. The fall foliage, holiday-spirit-inspired-smiles from strangers, the sound of sleigh bells, the scent of autumn spices, all these and so many more are free, if people would just pause long enough to appreciate them.
    I also love your description of election day/night. It’s refreshing, because you can’t find much public positivity or gratitude for the process anymore. Thank you for reminding us of the place we should come from when we accept the privilege of democracy.

    • I must tell you that your comment completely got me in the holiday spirit! It’s a bit crazy how fast time seems to be flying by these days and even crazier to think that the holiday season starts in a few weeks … but it’s also wonderful! The simple beauty in life really can be so profound if you let it be :-)

      The privilege of democracy … LOVE the way you phrase that! It’s so easy to get caught up in all the negativity of politics, but so, so important to also concentrate on all the positivity. Here’s hoping that will be the case for many, no matter what political beliefs they hold. Gratitude transcends party lines, that’s for sure.

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