Here’s to tomorrow…

“Cherish your yesterdays, live your todays, and dream your tomorrows.”

December 31st.

How did we get here already? This is normally the time of year when I’m reflecting on how fast it flew by, how those moments and memories sped up into a crazy whirlwind. And maybe parts of 2010 did, too. Maybe its patchwork was woven more quickly than I realize. For the first time in a long time, though, I’m ready – really ready – to move on. As I talked about here, this year was a mixed bag. It had many, many wonderful moments and was filled with some very special experiences that I’ll always treasure. Among those – I wrote two novels, and honestly, sometimes I still can’t quite believe it. Holding those printed pages in my hands, seeing that tangible proof, especially with Reflections of Me … it’s something I can’t describe, by far one of the best and most meaningful parts of this year. As it draws to a close, I’m even more passionate about writing and even more certain that this is how I’m meant to live my life. 2010’s also had a lot of not-so-wonderful moments, though, and some experiences that I’d rather forget. There’s been too much pain, too much sadness, and too much frustration. Honestly, that seems to be the case for so many people. 2010 has been a year of struggles, but also a year of triumphs. It’s been a year of ups and downs, of true happiness and staggering sadness. It’s hard to skirt over the hard times when you look back at the year, and maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe we should mull them over and find a way, some way, to turn the hurt into hope. After all, that’s what a fresh start is all about, right?

Maybe today is about reflecting on the year that’s about to end – the low points, the highlights, and everything in between – but tonight and tomorrow are about something different. They’re about looking forward to the future and all that this new year has to offer. My wish? That it’s better than 2010 for everyone. That our dreams turn into realities. That we find what we’re searching for, yearning for, wishing for. That success is right around the corner, with wonderful surprises and welcome changes. That we embrace every day as a new opportunity. That everyone has good health – because really, if we have that, the rest will somehow fall into place.

I’m not one for broad, sweeping resolutions. I’d rather focus on making every day the best it can be. That said, with everything I am, all my heart and soul, I hope 2011 is the year that my journey to publication takes the next step forward. Words cannot express how deeply I want that or how hard I’m willing to continue working for it to happen. Is it a resolution for the coming year? Not exactly. It’s more like a promise to myself. There have been a lot of lessons learned this year. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so it’s important to embrace every day, live every moment – and live them out loud. Obstacles don’t mean you should give up. They mean you should dream bigger and work harder. And those obstacles? Maybe they’re just challenges to overcome. Because, as the quote reminds us: “When the world says, ‘Give up,’ Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.'”

Here’s to those times. Here’s to not letting life pass us by. Here’s to making our own destiny and our own luck instead of waiting for it to find us. Here’s to a New Year filled with happiness, joy, and love. Here’s to every goal being reached and every dream coming true. Here’s to the past and the present, but most of all, the future. Here’s to tomorrow. Happy New Year, everyone! ♥

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