Memory Book.

“You’ve already had the best days, the best days of your life…”
~Kellie Pickler, “Best Days of Your Life”

Long time, no post. Okay, perhaps a week isn’t that long, but with the past seven days speeding by in a whirlwind of querying, writing, reading, brainstorming, and just about every other related activity you can imagine, it’s sort of felt that way. That’s a good thing, though, at least for me. Oh, and then there’s been snow. Snow last Friday, snow last Saturday, snow again tonight and tomorrow. Those glistening white crystals that blanket the ground are beautiful. The purity of a quiet winter wonderland is beyond words. We’ve all heard that phrase about no two snowflakes being exactly alike, and somehow that seems even more fascinating when you’re looking out at this seemingly endless expanse of fluffy, cold cotton candy.

That got me thinking. Just like snowflakes, no two people are alike. No two writers are alike. No two books are alike. We’re all inspired by different stories, different characters, different journeys. We all have our own pictures to paint and our own threads to weave. But there are commonalities, too. We all share a passion for what drives us – for those moments when an idea first sparks in our minds, for those moments when we’re so gripped by what we’re working on that it doesn’t feel like work at all, for those moments when our characters feel so real to us that it’s like we can reach out and grab them. At least, I assume it’s that way for everyone. I can’t imagine being a writer and not feeling that way at least part of the time. There are so many reasons why I write. There are so many reasons why I treasure it. Everyone has different reasons, but even though we may walk along different paths, I think we’re all branching off from the same main road.

If someone asked me what my biggest wish for this year was, I could answer in a heartbeat. In fact, anyone who knows me could probably answer it, too. More than anything, I want to forge a career as a published author (shocker, right? I’ll wait while you all stop gasping in surprise). Sometimes I can’t help daydreaming about what it would be like to sign with an agent and have my book sold to a publishing house. Without a doubt, those would be among the very best and most cherished days of my life. The moments, like so many others, would happen in a heartbeat, but they’d linger in my soul forever. So, going with the power of positive thinking, I thought it would be fun to reflect back on some other best days.

Mine include:

The day my sister was born … I remember everything about it like it happened yesterday, not twenty-two years ago.

The days my little cousins (aka my honorary sisters) were born – no pictures scanned in from those days, so I’ll just say that it’s absolutely crazy to me to think that the girls are now eleven and fourteen. Where does the time go?

My Bat Mitzvah.

My first day interning at WPVI-TV … actually, every day that I was lucky enough to intern and then work there. They’ll forever be treasured memories.

The day I finally met Kelly Clarkson. I know, I know, some people may not understand this one, but it was just … very special.

The days when I met and spent time with some of my favorite GH stars, Idol finalists, and authors:

And then there are so many more days, including some with ordinary moments that were extraordinary in their own right. I have way too many pictures to even think of narrowing them down to post, but they’re all forever etched in my mind. I’m truly blessed to have such amazing family and friends – and memories, too.

What about you? What snapshots fill the pages of your memory book? What are you hoping to add to it this year?


5 thoughts on “Memory Book.

  1. Awesome post Shari! Great pix and stories too!

    I’m hoping to add a picture of a stack of paper – my finished novella!!! Also another pic of me and Carolyn if she has an L.A. Spinelli book signing; pix from a vacation back home and from a NASCAR Hall of Fame trip with a friend and pix of my completely finished front yard.

    I’m leaving plenty of room for the hundreds of unforeseen adventures too!

    Have a super week Shari – enjoy the snow for me please!!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Judy!

      I love all the pictures you’re planning to paint this year. It’s different for every writer, of course, but from my experience … there is honestly nothing quite like that moment when you finish writing your story. It’s surreal and magical. Best of luck with your novella! Fingers crossed for another chance to chat with Carolyn, too. Looking forward to the Spinelli book! And – completely agree with the idea of leaving room for all those unforeseen adventures. Sometimes they end up being the most lasting memories.

      We ended up with eight inches of snow here, so I can definitely do that. You have a great week, too :-)

      • If I were back east I’d be dealing with 21″ of glorious white fluffy stuff right now!

        So sad that I’m living on the west coast :-(

  2. I love this post! It made me smile from ear to ear. It also took me back to the best days of my own life, and how wonderful it is to remember all the people, places and memories I have to be thankful for :) I may steal this idea for a blog soon :)

    • Well, we’re even then, because your posts always make me do the same. And thank you! Kellie’s song randomly came up on iTunes the other day, and it immediately made me reminisce about some of my best days. Narrowing them down to post about was pretty much impossible, but it was still a fun walk down memory lane. Like you said, there are so many people, places, and memories to be thankful for. Feel free to use the idea. I’d love to read your post about it!! :-)

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