Snow Day.

“When snow falls, nature listens.”
~Antoinette van Kleeff

I’m a writer. I believe in the power of stories and in the magic of words. Sometimes, though, a picture is all you need…

Waking up to a winter wonderland:

Window View

The cherry tree … trust me, it’s under there somewhere:

Cherry Tree

White snow meets blue sky, a perfect view as I was writing this morning:


All is calm, all is white:


The dogwood tree was so bent over that it was hugging the ground and all the crystalline flakes:


A sign of spring, or just wishful thinking?


It’s a shame we didn’t get much snow from this storm, isn’t it?


Always a good sign when the plow piles up such big snowdrifts that you can’t see the street:


Ah, there it is. Sort of.


So pretty!


Glistening popcorn bubbles? Fluffy soap suds? Puffy white cotton candy?

More snow

What’s better than a good book on a snowy winter day?

Bride Quartet

Okay, Mother Nature, you win. The seventeen inches of snow may be a hassle, but those glittering flakes and fluffy cotton balls are truly beautiful and inspiring to see. The quiet blanket of snow that makes it seem as though the whole world is a picturesque oasis? Also beautiful. The fact that snow is in the forecast not only for tomorrow, not only for Saturday, but already for next week, too? I’m thinking a tropical island oasis might be beautiful, too.


6 thoughts on “Snow Day.

  1. SUCH pretty pictures of the snow. The thing about PSU is that all our snow here is gross. Every surface is salted and shoveled, so the snow gets all dirty and turns to brown slush. I wish it was more like the snow in your pictures! <3

    • Does it help at all to know that the street STILL looks the way it did in the picture I posted from yesterday? Driving over all the snow and ice today was an adventure (even some of the main roads were still covered … fun, fun). It’s definitely beautiful to look at, though!

      Oh, and kudos to PSU for doing such a great job with the salting and shoveling. I have many memories of Arcadia where they certainly did not :P

    • Okay, I think I need to adopt your mindset for the rest of the winter! Normally I love the snow, but it’s just been so crazy this season … this week alone, it will have snowed four days. You’re right, though. It’s so pretty to look at and it really is fascinating when you think about it. Thank you for the reminder :)

      You need an East Coast trip during the winter so you can experience it in person!!

    • Thank you!! Believe me, I would send it all your way if I could! The snow was enough, but with today’s ice storm on top of it, I am ready to move to Bermuda! ;-)

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