Right here, right now.

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
~Omar Khayyam

That quote? That very wise, very inspired, and all-together very important quote? My new motto.

It’s so easy to look ahead to the future. Visions of what could be dance across our thoughts, tiptoe through our minds. What will we make of ourselves? What will we become? What goals do we have, what aspirations are we working to turn into reality? There are so many questions, and it’s a natural reaction to get caught up in the open-ended answers. After all, don’t we tell our children that the possibilities are endless? That they can do whatever their hearts desire and inspire to be? We teach them that there’s an infinite world out there, one that stretches beyond the limits of the possible and soars right into the impossible. Dream big dreams. Wish sparkling, glittering wishes. Go out there and make them your own, make them come true. That’s certainly what I’ll teach my little ones someday.

There’s more to it than that, though. Sometimes – and I really think this is true for so many of us – we can get so caught up in tomorrow that we forget to appreciate today. Dreaming of what could be doesn’t preclude us from absorbing what is. Even if we’re not where we want to be yet, chances are there’s something still to love, even if it’s small. Instead of looking at time as something to conquer, why not look at it as a series of stepping stones? It’s something I try to do all the time, but on the heels of a rather disappointing email yesterday, I’m approaching it with a renewed vigor. Obviously, my constant hope for my tomorrows is that persistence and perseverance will finally pay off and result in having a career as a published author. I know, I know, the shock level of that sentence must be sky-high. I’ll wait while you all collect yourselves. Ha! :-)

Even as I’m constantly working toward that, though, I’m going to try not to get fully wrapped up in the future. I don’t want to lose sight of today. Because these moments along the way? They’re pretty darn special in their own right. I get to follow my passion. I get to write the stories that entrench themselves in my mind and go on a journey with the characters who live in my thoughts. I get to feel that indescribable spark of giddy excitement, that inspiration that somehow grounds me and lifts me up into the clouds at the same time. I get to do this now. I get to brainstorm, outline, plot, write, edit, revise. I get to live these stories as I write them. How lucky is that?

Our lives are a series of moments and memories, threaded together stitch by stitch. The whole patchwork will be beautiful – I’m sure of this, I truly am – but so is each individual square. So as I dive back into more querying, more writing, more immersing myself in the path that I am still every bit as determined to make my own, I’ll also be doing something else. I’ll be remembering that stepping stones can lead to wonderful things. I’ll still hope for the future and work for it with everything I have, everything I am, but I’ll also be happy for this moment. Because this moment is my life right now, isn’t it? Nothing can change that, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And when tomorrow finally comes, when that moment is my life, I will be the happiest person in all the world.


6 thoughts on “Right here, right now.

  1. :( was that email the one i’m guessing it was? that’s really too bad, Shari, but i’m glad you’re taking the positive road. It’s very characteristic of you, and i honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from you!!!

    And i agree, it’s so easy to keep waiting for tomorrow and miss all the little amazing things about today. I struggle with that for reasons similar to yours (obviously), but i try really hard to be grateful for what i have.

    • It was … I’ll elaborate more in an email, but the short version is that the way it was worded made it seem like another near miss. Frustrating, but once I pushed beyond the disappointment, I was able to focus on the positive parts. Optimism, optimism, optimism … right?

      That’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately – it might be impossible to NOT keep waiting for tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on all the little amazing things about today. We should all take a page out of your book (hah – no pun intended!) and really make an effort to be grateful for what we have in the present, too.

      Thank you – as always – for being so supportive!

      • near miss…but that means you’re CLOSE. You’re SO CLOSE, i can feel it!!! Sorry i haven’t replied to your email yet; i’m setting aside time tonight/tomorrow to respond and tell you all about the writing breakthroughs i’ve been having!!!

  2. Hi Shari,
    I enjoy your blog. Yes, I live too much in the past and the future. Always thinking about what I should have done or should be doing; always thinking about what I should do or need to do or want to do. Its sad really; and a very difficult habit to break. Nice thoughts.

    • I see you decided to start the blog! Yay!

      You’re right, it really is a tough habit to break. Wondering what could have been or what could be is just natural — and good, too, but so is focusing on what is right now. Maybe it’s about finding a balance?

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