A Work of Heart ♥

“The muscles of writing are not so visible, but they are just as powerful: determination, attention, curiosity, a passionate heart.”
~ Natalie Goldberg

-Three years and three months

-6000+ pages

-Two original main characters, two who joined them 1100 pages in, and a supporting cast in the dozens

-Three stories that have been a privilege and a pure joy to write

-Countless hours spent sitting at my desk – working, writing, editing, revising

What does this all tally up to? The answer is simple.

One overwhelming work of heart that started this whole journey for me. Will it ever be published? No. This series is a baby of mine, but it’s just for fun. I don’t write it with the intention of sending it out to agents. I don’t write it with the intention of seeing it in print. I don’t write it because I have to. I write it because I want to. I write it because what began as a short story inspired a spark in me unlike anything I can explain. I write it because it woke up a passion in me, a passion for creative writing that I have since parlayed into finishing two stand-alone novels, each of which has taken me on a journey of a lifetime. I finished one of the books in the makeshift series today, and even after all this time, it still made me misty-eyed as I was writing. Will it always take priority? As I get ready to jump into working on the sequel for Reflections of Me, I know that my attention will be focused elsewhere. And it should be. Because that book, that story, is one I believe in with all my heart and everything I am. I have never had an experience writing like I did with that novel, and to say I’m excited to explore those new paths for the characters in the follow-up is an understatement. Still, though, this series will stay in my head and heart, just as it has since the beginning. It’s what started this journey for me, what has been and will continue to be an underlying symbol of hope.

Because those muscles of writing, the soul of what it represents, they are powerful. The determination, the attention, the curiosity, the passion, they drive the story and they drive all of us who write the stories and go on the ride with our characters. Published or not, shared or not, spoken by words or simply spoken from the heart, that’s what writing is. I put my soul into everything I write. I can’t imagine doing otherwise. Maybe that makes me foolish, feeling so deeply and loving so vividly. I don’t think so, though. I think it makes me lucky. I’m forcing myself to take a short break – it’s been months and months since I’ve done that and I know it’s important now – but I cannot wait to dive into my next project very, very soon. And, if I know myself, that’s going to turn plural, because this series probably won’t ever leave my mind. It’s too big a part of me. Grabbing the chance to work on multiple projects I adore at the same time? Some may say that makes me crazy, but I think it makes me something else.

I think it makes me the luckiest.


7 thoughts on “A Work of Heart ♥

  1. Wow, I can’t believe that page count. 6000+??? I admire your devotion to these characters so much; it’s incredible. Sometimes you just need a low-pressure writing escape…something you write just for fun. Love it <3

    • I know … it’s kind of insane, huh? And, for some reason that I’m not entirely sure of, I have those Word documents formatted differently so they’re single spaced with line jumps between paragraphs. I wonder how many pages it would translate to with proper formatting? :P You know, though, I’ve written about those characters so much over the years that they honestly almost feel like family by this point. I don’t think anything could ever change that.

      I’m agreed 110% with you – it’s incredible what a calming, inspiring effect one of those low-pressure writing escapes can have. For as much as I love working on every project, there’s something extra relaxing about jumping into one where it’s just for fun and nothing else. It’s always a great reminder of why, at its heart, we love writing so much <3

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  3. OMG! SIX THOUSAND SINGLE SPACED PAGES? Shari, if my old DOS Word Perfect software is right, that equals at least twelve thousand pages, maybe more! . . . . I have no words. Thank you, that is all.

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