Spring Fever.

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”
~Hal Borland

It’s 70 degrees outside. I took a long walk earlier this afternoon, then sat outside and read a book in the sunshine. In short sleeves. In February. Considering the fact that we’ve had snow on the ground for over three-quarters of the past two months, this seems like a small miracle. Everything is warm today. Everything is light. Everything is dazzled by incandescent sun beams that bounce down from the cloudless blue sky and bath the world below with their glittering glow.

The flowers might not be blooming yet. The buds of velvety color might not be blossoming yet. But spring is on its way, and I have proof.

There’s no longer a blanket of white covering every inch of the ground. The snow’s still there, but the grass is making a reappearance, too.


My view as I walked…


…and walked some more.


No leaves on the trees yet, but just knowing that they’re on their way is enough for me.


And a perfectly clear, perfectly beautiful blue sky that seems to stretch as far and wide as infinity?


Inspiring. So inspiring. I told myself that I was going to take a week off from writing – and I meant it, I really did – but with weather this gorgeous, how can I not go sit outside again and at least do some brainstorming? I have a new journal that’s just calling to me. Temperatures slide back into winter mode tomorrow, so I feel compelled to enjoy this literal breath of fresh air while it’s still here. Because, really, what’s better than soaking in those golden sunbeams and letting them warm the soul? It’s enough to put anyone in a good mood. Winter can be icy and cold. So can life, sometimes. But it doesn’t last forever. Spring always comes. Things always get brighter. What’s meant to be always finds its way. Maybe there really is a reason for every season.

Is the weather beautiful where you are, too? What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

(And, as an aside – I’m working on streamlining some things on the blog and adding some new features. Let me know if everything looks alright on your computer screen! Thanks!)


4 thoughts on “Spring Fever.

  1. Shari,
    The changes you’re making to your blog are fantastic. It’s much easier for me to find your actual entries now, where there were lots of other things on the page n the past.

    I LOVE your blogs, and all of your other writing that I’ve had the good fortune to read. You bring such positivity and optimism online, and i smile when I see your name anywhere, on Facebook, on Twitter, on the backups site, because I know 99.999% of the time, I’m going to see something inspirational, something that affirms the joy and beauty of living. I’ve been unpleasantly surprised at how rare your outlook seems to be. So many people use the internet to hurt others through their words, discourage dreams, condescend, or just be hateful. Your perspective is refreshing!

    To answer your question, I do get spring fever, when I hear the first flurry of birdsong, after the bone-chilling damp and silent stillness of winter. My favorite springtime activity is just to enjoy the scope and variety of singing birds.

    • Oh Jena, I wish you’d said something before! I’m sorry if the previous layout made it difficult to find things, and am so glad to hear that this one seems to be working better for you. Thanks a million for the feedback.

      And, an even bigger thank you for all your incredibly sweet words. I know I’ve said this before, but they truly do mean so very much. I really appreciate you taking the time to read – both here and my other writing. That, too, means more than I can say. As for that optimism … it may sound corny, but I honestly do believe that it’s so, so important. I certainly have my times on this publishing journey when I get very discouraged, but I try to just ride the emotional rollercoaster back up to feeling hopeful again. Better tears of joy than tears of disappointment, right? That’s really always been my outlook on life – better to focus on the positive and the hope. If we dream those things and believe them, we can make them happen. I also have to add – you are, without a doubt, one of the most optimistic and inspiring people I know. The way you approach everything is refreshing, too. The light you share with the world encourages me – and everyone you know, I’m sure the other backups will agree with me on this – to get out there, live life, and make a difference in the process. Thank you for that.

      I love that chirping birds are your favorite sign of spring! All last year, I kept getting frustrated every morning when they’d wake me up before the sun even rose (I am the lightest sleeper EVER) – so to hear your perspective about how cheerful and uplifting those bird songs can be, that just makes me smile :-)

    • Thank you so much! I always love choosing a quote or song lyric for each entry, and this time was no exception. Literally and figuratively, this one is just beautiful!

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