Time Out.

“The stars exist so that we might know how high our dreams can soar.”

Between all the writing, revising, and querying I’ve done today, I’m kind of afraid that my eyes are going to a) pop out of my head; b) revolt and shut down until tomorrow; or c) start tearing and never stop … so instead of an actual blog post, I thought I’d do one of the fun surveys that’s floating around online. I’d love to hear your answers, too, whether you post them in the comments section or over on your blog. Be sure to send me a link if you do! It’s always great to get these somewhat random, entirely interesting glimpses into each other’s lives.

Okay, so here we go.

*I am really – excited by the fact that it’s 6:30 PM and it’s still light outside. Daylight Saving Time, I love you.
*The last show I watched is – General Hospital.
*The last thing I wrote is – a query letter for Reflections of Me.
*The last thing I sang is – not something I can recall, but I’m sure it was off-key. Ha.
*My eye color is – blue, which I like to think I got from both of my grandfathers.
*My favorite musical is – Wicked. Love, love, love everything about it.
*My height is – too short for my liking.
*My age is – 27.
*My favorite holiday is – Hanukkah.
*My dream job is – probably going to come as an overwhelming shock to everyone who reads this blog, right? Hands down, without a doubt, I want nothing more than to be a full-time author.
*My favorite color is – turquoise.
*My friends – are the family I choose, and I’m very blessed to have them in my life.
*My computer is – named Marge :-)
*My favorite song is – always changing, because I love far too many to choose only one. If I absolutely had to narrow it down, I’d say Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.”
*My favorite flower is – lilacs.
*My children – will be very, very loved by their mama one day. I absolutely can’t wait to have dear hearts of my own.
*My favorite food is – chicken soup.
*My current reading material is – Laura Dave’s The Divorce Party, which I’m really, really enjoying.
*My favorite quote is – also impossible to decide on, since there are so many amazing choices. The one I used for this entry is up there toward the top of the list.
*My wish for the world is – peace, safety, and happiness. Simple (or complex) as that.
*My passion is – writing. Another surprise, right?
*My favorite book is – another decision I can’t make. There are simply too many that I’ve fallen in love with, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
*My favorite place to have visited – is Atlanta, with Nashville a close second. Adore them both, and can’t wait to go back one day.
*My motto in life is – “dream big, work hard.” It guides my perspective every day.

Your turn! Please?


10 thoughts on “Time Out.

  1. Glad to see that you’re querying! I’m crossing my fingers for you. It was fun to read your answers here, too. I love that you named your computer Marge. :-)

    • Thank you so much (and for all your suggestions, of course – they really helped tighten the query up) … fingers are crossed for you, too. I promise to answer your email tomorrow when my eyes are working better and my brain isn’t fried – I want to give it the attention it deserves :)

      Ah, and Marge! My sister jokingly gave it that name one day when I was talking about it for some reason, and it just stuck. Everyone calls it that now!

  2. I love this. It is nice to get to know more about a fellow blogger (or as I think, a friend). You seem like such a warm, determined person, and I admire that so much. So much confidence and ability and passion. Wow.

    I really enjoyed the facts. And I’m wishing you continued luck.
    I like “Breakaway” a lot too…I used to own that CD, but not sure what happened to it. But I like that one.

    • Wow, thank you so much for the sweet words! I don’t know about confidence (truthfully, a lot of the time I feel like I have the exact opposite), but I am definitely determined to keep pursuing my passion. I think we all owe it to ourselves to at least try!

      Yay, another Kelly fan! I love all her CDs, but that’s one of my absolute favorites and that song in particular will always be so special to me. I totally got teary-eyed when I met her and got to tell her about that in person! Fingers crossed you find the CD again soon.

      Thanks again for all your kind thoughts!

  3. aw, Shari. Loved this. I’ll post it in your comments.
    *I am really – nervous for Volleyball tonight
    *The last show I watched is – Real World
    *The last thing I wrote is – a letter for my Lent project
    *The last thing I sang is – uh. nicki minaj.
    *My eye color is – green
    *My favorite musical is – rent
    *My height is –5’9
    *My age is – 23
    *My favorite holiday is – easter
    *My dream job is –working with groups of teenage girls to help them accomplish their goals
    *My favorite color is – green
    *My friends – are very supportive
    *My computer is – always with me
    *My favorite song is – right now? melinda’s grenade/marry you/baby mashup :)
    *My favorite flower is – tulips
    *My children – do not exist
    *My favorite food is – salmon
    *My current reading material is –get lucky
    *My favorite quote is – dream big
    *My wish for the world is – same as yours.
    *My passion is – writing and music.
    *My favorite book is – the bible :)
    *My favorite place to have visited – nashville
    *My motto in life is – “dream big, work hard.” It guides my perspective every day.

    • Yay, thank you for filling it out — it was so fun to read your answers! Love them all :-)

      Oh my gosh, is that medley from Melinda not the best thing ever? I can’t decide whether my favorite part is her rapping or all the commentary she gives in between the songs. Priceless! In case you haven’t seen it – she posted this longer version on fb/twitter today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7dUZnioIvk

      I hope you post more about your Lent project. It sounds fabulous!!

  4. I love reading this. And I totally know what you mean about all the writing/revising/querying…I reached a point yesterday where it was like, “Look, you need to stop, both for your eyes and sanity.”

    I’m so pleased about Daylight Savings Time, too. Now if only the rain would go away! And how tall (or short) are you? I’m just barely 5’3″, so I always wish I was taller, too.

    • EXACTLY! I think it’s just part of being a writer, that compulsion to keep going, going, going until your bleary eyes/aching head force you to stop. Maybe one day we’ll find a way to set some boundaries? Or maybe not … ;-)

      Aww, you guys still have rain? I hope it clears up soon! Is it warm, at least? I’m 5′ 2” (well, technically it’s a bit under that, but they rounded up on my driver’s license so that’s what I go with :P), so your 5’3” sounds good to me, haha. Good things come in small packages?

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