Photo Album.

“It’s wonderful to fall
Let’s love and risk it all
I’d rather love just a little too much.”
~Natasha Bedingfield, “Little Too Much”

After a fabulous, flurry-of-inspiration writing day that included two major scenes, several important character realizations, 3000+ words, and that euphoric high where you’re just SO IN LOVE with the magic of writing, I’m choosing to give my mind a rest by doing today’s post via photos. Somehow that seems fitting anyway, since I’m a total picture fanatic. So, my life as of late, as seen through the lens of a camera:

Apparently four inch heels don’t make a difference when you’re standing next to someone who’s much taller … but I love Sunday’s picture with Graham just the same, and I also love that I had the chance to tell him how much his lyric about jumping into the world inspires me every day on this publishing journey. His genuine interest and our discussion about it completely made my whole week.

Graham 2011

Is there anything more adorable than baby clothes? So beyond thrilled for my friend Christina and her husband Tom on the arrival of their precious daughter — I seriously cannot wait to meet the little miss and help spoil her, starting with these outfits, a new book, and perhaps a toy, too. What can I say, there’s something about a newborn that makes me unable to resist buying presents :-)

Baby 1

Baby 2

What do you do when the sun finally makes an appearance after a spring that’s been far too cool and far too rainy? You grab your camera, grab your iPod, and set off on a long walk. My allergies are going to bother me for the rest of the day, but it was totally worth it to see these:


And these:

Flowers 2

Then there’s the cherry tree that’s finally starting to bloom. Can’t wait for the buds to open so I can look out at a sea of pink while I write every morning.

Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree 2

My “waiting to be read” pile seems to be growing right along with the springtime blossoms. This makes me inordinately happy.


I briefly contemplated adding a picture of matzah to the post, since that’s pretty much what I’m living on this week, but somehow that didn’t seem quite so interesting. Do me a favor, everyone: go have a slice of bread, or a piece of pizza, or a bowl of pasta for me. Or cookies, cake, pretzels, ice cream … please? Ha.

What pictures are in your album this week?

9 thoughts on “Photo Album.

  1. Wow! I am so impressed by your writing day. That’s amazing progress. That euphoria is the best feeling, isn’t it? I think that’s why I write, in fact – for the writer’s equivalent of a runner’s high.

    And, yes, if you insist that I sacrifice and have some pizza or pasta, I suppose I will do it just for you. The things I go through! ;-) (Did I mention that pizza is my favorite food?)


      You’re not the first person I’ve seen compare it to a runner’s high, and even though I am NOT a runner (not even close), I can definitely understand how the feelings would be similar. It’s just indescribable, isn’t it? I’m lucky enough to have pretty much maintained that feeling all throughout writing ROM and now its sequel. There’s just something about these characters and these stories that I’ve fallen so in love with exploring. It’s easily one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

      And yes, I must insist that you have an extra slice of pizza for me. Friends sacrifice for each other, right? ;-) Seriously, my meals during Passover pretty much consist of matzah and butter, scrambled eggs, matzah and peanut butter, and chicken soup with special Passover egg noodles … so indulge in some pizza for me and I’ll live vicariously through you!

  2. YAY FOR AWESOME WRITER MOMENTS! I love it. <3 I had a mini-moment this evening; I rewrote an entire scene because I thought of a better setting to place it. :p It wound up increasing my word count by almost a thousand words, and i think it flows much better now. But I think i'm getting ahead of myself with these revisions…I'm not even finished with the story yet!

    and HOW CUTE are those baby clothes? Precious! That little girl is going to be spoiled silly! :]

    • Okay, you know I have to ask now: which scene is it, and what new setting did you use? I’m so excited to read it (and all of the book!) once you’re finished writing and revising. Maybe it’s a good thing that you’re jumping into the editing while you’re still writing – this way, you’re still in the heart of the story and in a place where you’re absorbed by the characters :-)

      Oh my gosh, and I know! No lie, I spent about an hour trying to choose which outfits to buy. My thought process went something like this: “This is the cutest outfit EVER … no, I think this dress is cuter … maybe this onesie is cuter … how can I resist the ruffles on this one … the flowers! the butterflies! precious!” Ha. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when I have my own children? ;-) In the meantime, I am SUPER excited to help spoil that sweet little girl!!

      • It’s the first Orchid/Jill scene, where Jill sort of plays counselor to Orchid’s problems. Before, Orchid just went to her house, but since Jill is a fitness instructor, I decided to have Orchid go to the gym and take her kickboxing class. It was so fun to write!

  3. I will most definitely have a slice of pizza for you, if I can get someone to pick up one for me. :-)
    THREE THOUSAND words is awesome! You are a writing marathonner!
    And I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful comment you left about Tigger. You have the most perceptive way of capturing the essence of a situation or relationship; I look up to you for that.

    • Make it two slices, okay? ;-) I am getting SO tired of all the Passover food. It’s good every now and then, but not for every meal of every day for a whole week.

      It’s too funny that you mentioned being a marathoner – I was just talking the other day about how writing is so much more a marathon than a sprint. We’re on the same wavelength!!

      Aww, and you’re quite welcome. I truly meant every word. Tigger was so lucky to have you, and so is Chanel now. They hit the jackpot when it came to finding a sweet, special, loving owner :-)

  4. I don’t know that Natasha Bedingfield song! I’ll have to look for it.
    Aww, those are such cute baby outfits! Baby girl clothes are so much cuter than baby boy clothes! haha. Even though I love baby boys and baby girls equally, girls just have cuter clothing choices!
    Those are such pretty pictures! Are all of those flowers around your neighborhood? It must look so pretty! Not too many of the flowers around here have bloomed yet, but hopefully they will soon!
    I like your ‘to be read’ pile! Wait, why can’t you have ice cream? I understand the other things but ice cream doesn’t have yeast or anything in it?

    • I may or may not be a bit obsessed with that song at the moment ;-) I heard it last week on one of the trailers for Something Borrowed and immediately loved it.

      Agreed on the baby clothes. There are definitely some adorable ones for boys, but nothing compares to the girl choices. It took me an hour to choose, everything was so cute!!

      Yes to the flowers! I was beginning to think they’d never bloom, it’s been such a cool and rainy spring, but last week the buds all seemed to start opening at once. It was GORGEOUS outside yesterday (today, too!) and it’s like everything seemed to fully blossom as soon as the sun came out. I hope that happens for you all, too!!

      Oh, and the ice cream – believe it or not, a lot of the flavors actually have some kind of starch or corn syrup in them. Breyers’ plain chocolate is alright, though, so I’ve been having that lots the past week ;-)

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