Writing Is…

“There is more pleasure to building castles in the air than on the ground.”
~Edward Gibbon

I know this isn’t the most substantial post, but between a family situation (any and all good thoughts are welcome, please and thank you), the pure writing frenzy that has become my life lately, and my hope that putting good karma out there in the world will bring it back, this is what y’all are stuck with today. As I was taking a walk earlier, I started thinking a lot about what writing is – not the typing, not the plotting, not the diction or storyline arcs. At its heart, what is it?

Here’s what I came up with:

Writing is my love.
Writing is an escape.
Writing is universal, exceptional, and transcendental, all at the same time.
Writing is a way to learn more about who my characters are.
Writing is a way to make them as real to everyone else as they are to me.
Writing is magic – pure, beautiful, inspiring magic.
Writing is telling a story that you can’t not tell.
Writing is unique in words, but collective in thought. No two authors are the same, yet we all share that same driving passion for the craft.
Writing is a way to get into my characters’ heads – and their hearts.
Writing is my happy place.
Writing is therapeutic and cathartic.
Writing is a gift.
Writing is a blessing.
Writing is captured starlight, held in the palm of your hand.
Writing is falling in love with your characters again and again … and again.
Writing is going on a journey that changes your life.
Writing is keeping your feet on the ground, your hopes in the clouds, and those castles in the air.
Writing is inside you, glittering in the bloodstream like shimmery gold.
Writing is a way to fill you up inside.
Writing is my life.

What’s your list?


4 thoughts on “Writing Is…

    • Thanks so much! I hope you had/are having a blast with your writing today.

      Also – I’m really sorry it’s taking so long to email you back. It’s unfortunately been another tough week, which has made it difficult to focus on just about everything. I’ll explain more when I write – which will definitely be this weekend, promise.

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