An Equation.

“I’m gonna free myself, gonna make a change,
And like a butterfly, I’mma spread my wings.
Been crying for too long, now I’m drying my eyes,
Grounded for so long, now it’s time for me to fly.”
~Pia Toscano, “This Time”

reading Laura’s fantastic new book on the beach


this view




early morning walks on the beach




Idol 2
American Idol concert


Idol 3 - Pia
meeting Pia after the show!


full request from an agent (!!!!)


lovely week so far!!

Next: meeting up with Erin tomorrow (so excited to spend time together in person after six years!) and re-packing for another few days at the shore next week. Yes, we’re the dedicated Idol fans who split up our vacation this year so we could go to the concert. Here’s hoping for less rain and more sunshine next time around. Here’s also hoping that the next two days magically become forty-eight hours long instead of twenty-four, because workaholic me really wants to send out more queries and start another round of edits on the manuscript before we leave. Or maybe I’ll just save that for the shore. After all, what better to act as inspiration than an ocean that glitters like shimmery diamonds?

What has the equation of your week added up to so far?


12 thoughts on “An Equation.

  1. Looks like you’re having a blast!!

    Haha my week would go something like… Broken cable + antsy dog + trip to Nashville = chaos! However, I got some good writing/work in, and we went out to eat with friends a couple times, so it’s still been good.

    • Aww, well I’m glad the chaos is at least evened out by the good! Any week that involves a trip to Nashville HAS to have something going for it, right? I love it there and am super jealous! It just has this amazing vibe all its own, doesn’t it? Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • Thank you!

      We are trying very hard to salvage the second half of the summer after the first part was so miserable. Planning some nice getaways and events helps … it’s good to have something happy to focus on!

    • It was! We head back today for the week, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather so I don’t have to hide from raindrops as I read (side note: Borders’ going-out-of-business sale is dangerous for the wallet – I think I have enough books to last the rest of the year now!).

      Thank you so much! Hopefully something good will come from this one :)

  2. So glad you had a great week, Shari! It’s been a tough go for you lately, so posts like these make me smile ear to ear!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation this coming week!

    • You’re always so sweet, Katie. Your kindness never fails to make me smile.

      It has definitely been a difficult year – it still is, I think the sense of loss just grows deeper – but we’re doing our best to focus on the good. Being at the beach helps!

      Thanks so much <3

    • Thanks! Our Jersey shore vacations are always my favorite time of year :) As for Idol … I think we’ve become experts at negotiating the craziness to meet the finalists!

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