Why I need a beach house:

“On the beach, you can live in bliss.”
~Dennis Wilson

#1: Long walks are so much more fun when you can listen to the waves lapping against the sand, see the seagulls soaring through a cloudless blue sky, smell the salty air swirling around you in curlicues, and feel the wooden boards beneath your feet.

#2: There is nowhere else in the world where it’s better or more relaxing to lose yourself in the pages of a good book and the journeys that are threaded with every word.

#3: Store-bought ice cream just isn’t the same as Polish Water Ice or Kohr Brothers soft serve.

#4: Seagulls are in a bird category all their own – as in, ones that don’t wake you up before dawn or chirp, chirp, chirp as you’re trying to work. What’s a stolen sandwich or two in exchange for that?

Seagull 1

Seagull 2

#5: Sunshine over the ocean in the mornings and moonshine over the ocean in the evenings … ‘nough said.



#6: After spending warm, sunny summer days at the shore, you wouldn’t feel compelled to sit on the beach in windy, fifty-five degree temperatures – alone, because nobody else is ridiculous enough to do it. Since when does September usher in November-like weather? Boooo.

#7: Your childhood memories of summers at Grandmom and Pop’s condo can evolve into new memories that you make as an adult and, one day, with a family of your own.

Ventnor 1

Ventnor 2

Ventnor 3

Ventnor 4

#8: You can enjoy not only the peak season, where the beach and boardwalk are pulsing with the energy of vacationers, but also the quieter off-peak season, where a calm serenity drops its curtain over the coastline.


OC Pier

#9: You can go to the best restaurant EVER more than once every few years.


JoJo's bread

#10: And, finally, two words: THIS VIEW. What could be more inspiring? Someday, somehow, I am going to have that beach house, and when I do, the first morning will be spent sitting right here, writing journal in hand, and letting the ocean’s majestic inspiration wash over me.

Music Pier 1

Music Pier 2

Six days in Ocean City didn’t feel like nearly enough. For the first time in months, it was a chance to truly let go and let be, a chance to enjoy the moment instead of dwelling on the future or past. Sitting on the beach, swimming in the pool, strolling along the boardwalk, soaking in the expanse of ocean that never fails to make me feel small and big at the same time, spending an evening in Ventnor (one of my absolute favorite places in all the world) … it was blissful. Sure, it was crazy chilly toward the end of the week (thanks, cold front – don’t you know we still have another week until autumn?) and my sister I were nearly blown off a fishing pier due to some insane wind (PSA: do NOT walk on a pier that goes out into the ocean when it’s more gusty than breezy), but that’s okay. We had a lovely time. It was truly nourishment and rejuvenation for the soul. Not gonna lie, it was a bit disappointing to come home and return to normal life, but one thing’s for certain: the hope and faith carried along those cresting waves hasn’t faded. They’re just somewhere deep inside me now, motivating me more than ever.

This morning, I sat down at a writing desk overlooking the cherry tree outside and resumed editing. Someday, I will sit down at a writing desk that overlooks the Atlantic. I will sit on that bench at the music pier, the outside world fading away as I lose myself in the story, the characters, the unique journey that writing always is. Because, like all the individual drops in the ocean add up to something magical, so too can hard work, determination, belief, and dedication. So maybe I shouldn’t say someday. Maybe I should say one day.

How about you? If you could have a home anywhere in the world, where would you choose?


13 thoughts on “Why I need a beach house:

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time! Your pictures are gorgeous, and you have great reasons for why you ‘need’ (not just want!) that beach house. I know you’ll get it someday. In the meantime, you could always move close to the ocean so it’s more accessible.

    • Thank you so much!! I may have gone a little (or a lot) snap happy, but it’s almost impossible not to at the shore. It’s funny that you mentioned that about moving closer to the ocean, because we were just talking about it after vacation. It would just be so perfect to live nearby. A couple weeks per year never seems like enough!

  2. I’m glad that you had fun at the beach! So jealous. I didn’t make it to the beach this summer at all. I’m hoping next summer my honeymoon will make up for that! :) I would love to have a beach house! It would be a nice place to escape to, that is for sure. I love your pictures! They all came out so pretty!

    • Thank you!! I couldn’t agree more – where better to escape to than a place at the shore? Everything seems so much calmer and more inspiring there. I love that you two are considering a beach for your honeymoon! So fun :-)

  3. Your words… they never, ever cease to take my breath away. I am in awe of the way you string words together to make sentences and paragraphs that literally make my jaw drop and give me chills. You inspire me. Always.

    And my dream home is quite the opposite of yours… I would want a tiny loft apartment smack dab in the middle of NYC. Overlooking all the noise, the hustle bustle, the constant comings and goings, the excitement, the energy… because THAT is what inspires my writing. I actually have great difficulty writing in silence. Isn’t it funny how we all are inspired by different things and work best under different circumstances? :)

    You will have your beach house one day, of this I am sure!

    • You’re so sweet, Katie. Thank you for what you said. It means more than you know, and the same is entirely true for you and your beautiful writing.

      I think about that often, how writers have such different processes and sources of inspiration. It’s fascinating how we can all go about it so differently, but still share the same passion for it. I am the total opposite of you – writing with a hubbub of noise in the background drives me crazy! I prefer as much silence as possible. NYC is so inspiring, though, and so energizing, that I totally understand why it’s your dream place. You’ll get there one day, I’m positive!! :-)

  4. Heh, missing the beach much?

    I’d love a waterfront property too. Ocean or lake, I’m flexible. Somewhere not TOO sunny, actually. I like temps in the 60s, and bright but slightly cloudy skies.

    • Missing it SO much, aahh.

      Your lake house idea sounds lovely. I’ve never been in one, but there must be such a peaceful quality to it – a chance to just let go and immerse yourself in the beauty of everything around you. And hey, you are MORE than welcome to the 65 degree weather they’re predicting for here in PA next week. Summer’s fading too quickly!

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