The Little Things.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
~Robert Brault

It’s no secret that this year has been a difficult one for my family. There’s been too much heartache, too much loss, and too much sadness. But from the darkness comes light, and I’ve been trying hard to find those rays of sun whenever possible. In work, in friends, in good books and good television, in something as seemingly simple as a fudge brownie cream ice with vanilla custard, I’ve been making a very conscious effort lately to pull strands of cheer from wherever possible. It may not be an entire woven tapestry, but that’s okay. I’ll take whatever threads I can find.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d mention a few little things that have brought me great satisfaction this week:

1. THE SUNSHINE. See the picture, y’all? The sky is blue. With no low, misty, gray clouds. With no clouds at all, in fact. After an August and September that featured record rainfall and a streak of over two weeks without an entirely clear day, this weather is just blissful. It’s the autumn, but the early part where summer still hangs on and infuses its warm spirit. What better than temperatures cool enough for boots but warm enough for short sleeves? Looking forward to sitting outside with a book later! (P.S. Go Phillies!)

Blue Sky


2. Many queries sent and more progress on the editing front! Halfway through the fourth round of revisions, I’m proud to report that the manuscript is now down by 50,723 words, aka 161 pages. This process seemed so insurmountable when I first sat down to tackle it, but with each day that passes, the finish line morphs more and more from something fuzzy in the distance to something discernible in sight. It’s incredible to me to think how far this book has come over the past (almost) two months. I can’t wait to see where it will continue to go.


3. Celebrating birthdays of people I care about and letting them know how special they are. Today, that’s Melinda Doolittle. If you’re as grateful for her amazing talent, amazing inspiration, and amazing heart as I am, head on over to wish her a wonderful day!

4. And, something that’s not so small for me: a good report from the cardiologist after Tuesday’s appointment. I was born with a heart murmur – nothing major, but it requires an appointment and some tests every two years – and it’s always a relief to hear that things are status quo. If there’s one thing this year has taught me, it’s that good health is everything. We should never take it for granted, and I consider myself so lucky to have gotten good results this week. Also: who doesn’t love a cardiologist who watches General Hospital? We may or may not have spent ten minutes of my appointment discussing Jason and Sam’s wedding and the fact that we really, really miss Megan Ward as Kate.

What little (or big) things are you grateful for this week? Do you believe that sometimes the smaller experiences turn out to be the greatest joys?


4 thoughts on “The Little Things.

  1. I love this post! :)

    I am so grateful this week for the relationship that I have with my sister. She is my everything. I feel blessed that my sister is not only my sister but my best friend too.

    • Awww, I love your answer! Isn’t it great when family members are also our best friends? There’s something so special about it. You and Melissa are lucky to have each other!

  2. I had no idea you were a heart patient, too! I had open-heart surgery when I was a year and a half old because I had two holes in my heart. They thought it was just a murmur at first, but pretty quickly discovered what was really causing it. I love that your cardiologist watches General Hospital. My current cardiologist (since I moved Out West) goes white water rafting with my dad. The one I had growing up had this really gravelly voice because she smoked like a chimney. Every time I saw her she told me not to ever smoke. (And I never have! Not once!)

    • I’ve had the murmur since I was born – VSD, but the hole is so tiny that the doctors just recommend checking on it every two years. Four years ago, though, when I switched cardiologists, I was also informed that I have a subaortic membrane. Apparently it goes hand-in-hand with the VSD and its common to have both together, but I was beyond floored and upset because my previous cardiologist NEVER told us about it. How is that possibly okay? It was right there in my charts, but from childhood on, nobody was informed. So not cool.

      Just the idea of open-heart surgery is frightening. Thankfully you were young enough not to remember any of the before/after of it – and, of course, thank goodness they were able to fix it! And how neat that your cardiologist is so friendly with your dad! That must bring an added sense of comfort.

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