Tuesday’s Tunes.

“Sometimes you just need a little faith
There’s an answer to your prayer
And I swear that there’ll come a day
The sun will rise.”
~Kelly Clarkson and Kara DioGuardi, “The Sun Will Rise”

So … yesterday was pretty much the equivalent of my birthday, Hanukkah, and the first day of summer combined. Know why? Because it was KELLY DAY. Go on and laugh. The guy at Target did when I got there before the CDs were even unpacked and he had to go get me one from the shipping boxes. I have been waiting for KC’s new album for what feels like forever, and for the first time, I was patient enough not to listen early. She didn’t exactly make that easy when she started leaking her own songs last week, but I still managed to wait – and boy, is this album worth it. It’s SO good, y’all. Like instantly-strikes-a-chord kind of good. I’m thinking it deserves its own edition of Tuesday’s Tunes. Okay, who am I kidding, this is the post I’ve been looking forward to writing ever since I started this feature on the blog. That must be a shock, right?

Without further ado, some of Kelly’s fabulous new music:

“Dark Side”: There’s something special about this song, an indescribable quality that combines resonance and relatability, then packages them into the kind of foot-tapping, head-bopping, jump-inducing music that Kelly makes shine. The whole album is woven with beautiful, bold lyrics and striking, catchy melodies, and this is one that’s sure to run through your head over and over … then over again. And what better reminder that even though nobody can be picture perfect, we’re all so very worth it?

“What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)”: Kelly’s known for her powerful voice and equally as empowering lyrics, and this song is the absolute perfect example of that. It’s a reminder that tough times happen, and while they can – and sometimes do – knock us down, we can get back up again. We can stand a little taller. Everything life throws our way? It makes us into fighters. That’s a message I’m taking to heart unequivocally. Like Kelly, I’ve always been one to dream in color. Here’s hoping for days ahead that are brighter and more vibrant.

“You Love Me”: This is one of the songs that Kelly posted ahead of time, and even though I waited until yesterday to listen, I can totally see why it was high up on her list. It’s infectious in a good way, with a melody that worms its way into your soul and refuses to leave. Spunky and sassy, it’s a perfect glimpse into the type of performer and person that Kelly is.

I had really, really, really hoped to include “The Sun Will Rise” in this week’s list, because it’s my favorite song on the new album, but there’s no video or audio up on youtube yet. So, this is what you need to do: go to iTunes, Kelly’s website, or any store that sells CDs, and listen for yourself. Its message is so inspiring, a touch of stardust that lights up even the darkest sky. Seriously, go listen. I promise you’ll be impressed.

Are you a Kelly fan? If you have her new album, what songs are your favorites? What else are you listening to this week?


8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tunes.

    • It’s such a great album – definitely one of her very best (although I say that every time!). The deluxe copy has seventeen songs and they’re all so, so good.

      Which concert did you go to? I bet we were at the same one! If she’s touring anywhere near Philly, I’m there ;) Q102 just announced that she’s part of Jingle Ball this year, and even though I never go to compilation shows like that, she has me considering it!!

    • I’m excited to hear what you think!! It really seems – and sounds – like her strongest album yet. I was tempted to do a song-by-song review of the entire thing, but figured it would bore everyone to tears ;-)

      It’s so hard to pick favorites, but my top five are The Sun Will Rise, Dark Side, What Doesn’t Kill You, You Can’t Win, and Alone. Let me know what yours are after you listen!

      Me toooooooooo! She’s doing a Jingle Ball show here with a few other people, and I’m seriously considering going. Two years with no KC concert has been too long!

    • LOL, glad to be of assistance! Mr. Know It All is the current single and the buzz is that the next one will be What Doesn’t Kill You. They’re fantastic, so enjoy listening over and over and over :D

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