It’s still October, right?

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?”
~John Boynton Priestley

Not cool, Mother Nature, not cool. This is not how the weekend before Halloween is supposed to look.

Snow 1

Snow 2

Snow 3

Snow 4

Snow 5

Snow 6

What happened to the leaves spinning a blanket of golden amber and fiery red? To pumpkins that sit on pavement instead of in crystalline flakes? To candy corn, apple cider, and boots that are meant to celebrate fall and not protect against wintry weather? What happened to having four seasons?

I love the snow, I really do, and the first powdered-sugar coating of it is magical, but this is ridiculous. I’m gonna need you to get your act together, Mother Nature, and not give us this lace of white again until at least December. Got it?

Is it snowing where you are? If so, how are you spending this winter-during-autumn day? I devoted the morning and afternoon to editing work (so super excited to have officially shortened the book by over two-hundred pages and nearly 70,000 words!), and now I’m off to dive back into WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. Something tells me I won’t be able to resist watching the feathery flakes fly, either. October or not, it truly is beautiful.


10 thoughts on “It’s still October, right?

  1. Shari,
    I am jealous! Enjoy the beauty and purity of the glistening white, my friend.

    And congratulations! All of your arduous work editing has paid off :) As always, you inspire me!

    • Thank you! It’s mostly melted by now – we’re back into the fifties again, where temps should be – but it was pretty to look at while it lasted. All the leaves are finally starting to change color now, too, so hopefully the views will still be beautiful for awhile.

      Aww, and thank you again. You’re always so sweet! :)

  2. Wow, you guys got a lot more snow than we did. It’s still coming down in big, wet flakes here but not sticking to anything. Pretty to look at, freezing to walk around in. Revised my Halloween costume for tonight so it was much warmer!

    • We ended up with about three inches, but would you believe there are some towns a bit north of here that got closer to six or seven? My cousins in northern NJ got over a foot. Yikes!

      I just saw the picture of your costume that you posted — love your take on Kimmy!! :)

  3. Sounds lovely. Water For Elephants was such a captivating read, odd for me because I gravitate toward MG or YA typically.

    Jeepers, I’m so unproductive…and anxiety and worry makes it worse! Mind-blocks!

  4. Wow! Seriously? And I hear people on your side of the continent are supposed to be getting more snow, too. You always find the best quotes! Where do you get them? Your pictures are so pretty, too, and I love your description.

    • I know, right? Whoever would have thought we’d get three inches of snow in October? Temperatures are back in the fifties now, so it’s mostly melted … here’s hoping it stays that way until winter. Snow is pretty, but we barely had a chance to enjoy fall!

      Oh goodness, I am such a quote fanatic. There’s (no exaggeration) ten books of them on my nightstand. I usually search online for the ones I use here, though. My favorites sites for them are Quote Garden and ThinkExist :)

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