Tuesday’s Tunes.

“Nothing ever happens if you stay in your room
Nothing ever happens if you leave the party too soon
You’ll never be a winner if you’re not in the game
Nothing ever happens if you always play it safe
Make a little space and get out of your own way.”
~Rachel Platten, “Nothing Ever Happens”

First – thank you all so very much for your kind words and thoughtful commentary on the “what constitutes a job?” issue. I enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts on the subject and truly hope we can all have the opportunity to live a career that is so filled with joy it doesn’t feel like work at all. Here’s to following our hearts, dreaming big dreams, and making them all come true.

Following that theme, here’s this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Tunes:

“Nothing Ever Happens” – Rachel Platten: I saw Rachel in concert last week, and even though I wasn’t familiar with any of her music beforehand, all it took was one song to become an instant fan. Rachel is a breath of fresh air in today’s music industry, a ray of sunshine who channels happiness and hope into her songwriting and performances. Upbeat and catchy, but woven with messages of faith and determination, her music makes you want to go out and do, be, dream, live. Absolutely love her entire album and am already looking forward to seeing her in concert again!

“God Bless Us Everyone” – Melinda Doolittle: I’ve talked before about how very special a person Melinda is to me and how her heart is as big as her talent, and that shines through in her new single. Co-written by Melinda, this song captures the beauty of the holiday spirit. It’s warm, rich, and glitters with inspiration. No matter what you celebrate – this Jewish gal loves the song! – it’ll make you feel fuzzy, feel happy, and feel good. It’ll make you want to do good. And how fitting is that, really, because that’s exactly what Melinda does. Through her music and her soul, she changes the world for good. I, for one, will be forever grateful.

“The Sun Will Rise” – Kelly Clarkson & Kara DioGuardi: Did you ever hear a song that you just instantly connected to? That spoke to something in your soul from the very first chord? That was immediately, innately special in a way words can’t describe? For me, this is it. Kelly and Kara sing about the sky brightening into a pastel blanket of light after a sunless night. They remind us that sometimes we just need a little faith, that there is indeed an answer to our prayers if we only keep believing in it. Things can be rough. Life can be tough. But it always gets better. The sun always rises.

What are you listening to this week? Do you believe that music has the power to inspire, to motivate, to change us in beautiful ways?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tunes.

  1. I’ve been in love with Adele’s album lately and it’s the only thing I listen to except for the radio. She has such an amazing voice and her words are so powerful. I especially love the song One and Only, it’s beautiful.
    Music most definitely had the power to inspire and motivate. A song can pick you up, bring you back to a different place and help you get through hard times.
    I’m really liking the Kelly Clarkson song! Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Would you believe I’ve never listened to most of Adele’s songs? I don’t know why … everyone just raves about her! I’m heading right to Youtube now to find “One and Only.” Thanks for the suggestion!!

      I love the transitive power of music – it’s amazing and so special how it can bring you back to a different place. So many songs hold memories and moments in their chords. I definitely agree with you about relying on them to get through hard times. This year proved for me how true that is.

      Yay, so glad you like it! That’s my favorite from her new album. Sometimes it’s on constant repeat!! :-)

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