Choosing Gratitude.

“Forever on Thanksgiving Day, the heart will find the pathway home.”
~Wilbur D. Nesbit

Thanksgiving is a day to count our blessings. It’s a day to reflect on all we’ve been given, to be thankful for the moments we create, the memories we make, and, most of all, the people who give them meaning. It’s a day to give thanks for the gifts we hold in our hands and those we hold wrapped in our hearts. It’s a day to choose gratitude.

It’s no secret that this year has been unspeakably difficult for my family. We suffered a loss that shadows the sunshine every day, a loss that feels especially strong, especially painful, this holiday season. It’s been a struggle sometimes to work through the pain, and today that’s going to be especially difficult. Couple that with an incredibly frustrating, aggravating, I-feel-like-banging-my-head-against-a-brick-wall experience last night, and you have the recipe for … well, not for what today is supposed to be about at all.

It would be easy to let it all put a damper on things, but I’m trying hard not to let it. I’m choosing gratitude. So, today and every day, I am thankful for:

A family who loves me unconditionally and gives me the freedom to pursue my dreams. Amazing friends who are the family I choose. Good health – it truly is everything. A passion that fills me up, every single day, with excitement, adrenaline, and pure joy. The opportunity to create whole other worlds in my head and to go on journeys with my characters as they tell me their stories. Important, inspiring lessons learned from so many aspects of the writing, editing, and querying processes. The chance to watch people I care about take leaps of faith and make their wishes come true. A warm house and warm meals. Memories like this and this, from when I worked at the 6ABC Thanksgiving Day parade – a day I will cherish and treasure forever. Vacations to the NJ shore, forever my happiest place on Earth. Great books, great movies, great television, great Broadway shows – all a chance to escape reality and experience a little bit of magic. The chance to meet my favorite authors, see my favorite singers in concert, and attend events with my favorite soap stars. Fuzzy scarves, cozy boots, and brightly-colored peacoats in a rainbow of colors. My laptop. Chicken soup. Milkshakes. The ability to take long walks every day and enjoy nature’s beauty. A future that, while it’s unknown, offers limitless opportunities and a plethora of possibilities. And, of course, all of you!

I hope you all have a wonderful, special, filled-with-warm-fuzzies holiday. I am endlessly thankful and grateful to have you all as friends. You make my days brighter and are the family I choose. To borrow from Wicked’s “For Good,” you have changed my life for the better. Thank you for all the support, all the kindness, all the friendship. Thank you for being you. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Much love <3


8 thoughts on “Choosing Gratitude.

    • Thanks so much. It was definitely hard, but we made a point to bring something of Gram’s to the get-together. That made it feel like she was there with us in spirit, which helped a bit.

      So glad you had a lovely holiday!

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