Take Two.

“The best plans of men and mice often go awry.”
~Robert Burns

It’s always good when your sinus infection turns into bronchitis. And by “good,” I really mean “miserable,” “aggravating,” and “painful.” What began as an intermittent cough morphed into one so nonstop, so uncontrollable, that I spent countless hours gulping down hot water, trying to quell the oh-so-lovely wheezing as tears streamed down my face in rivers. Pleasant. Couple that with sinus pressure and a fever, and you have the recipe for a rather awful experience. My favorite part? Definitely the cough never letting up enough for me to get any actual sleep. I was averaging somewhere between a whopping two-three hours a night, that was it. Fun times.

I went to the doctor on Friday, and she became my new hero when she prescribed a cough medicine with codeine. Finally, I’d get some relief! Finally, I’d get some rest! Finally, the cough would stop making it feel like someone was stabbing my ears and ripping off a layer of my throat! And it did … for about twelve hours. Then I started experiencing a few of the listed side effects and had to stop taking the medicine ASAP. SO FRUSTRATING. I have a new medicine now – it doesn’t work quite as well, but it does help, so that’s great. A person can only rely on lollipops, Jolly Ranchers, and cough drops for so long, you know.

Despite wanting to do nothing but stay in bed, I ventured out twice – to see KC at Jingle Ball and Graham Colton at his concert in West Chester. Was that the wisest idea? Seeing as how Wednesday night featured torrential rain and gusty winds – and Thursday was ridiculously cold – probably not. I’d so been looking forward to going, though, and we’d had our Kelly tickets for months. Her concerts are always a treat, and this time was made all the better because it was my first time seeing her perform songs from the new album. As always, her spunky personality, inspiring lyrics, and make-you-want-to-sing-and-dance-along tunes were contagious. What little was left of my voice was totally gone afterwards, but that’s okay.



(How much do I LOVEEE my new camera for taking pictures and video like this when our seats were in the upper level, all the way across the arena?)

Graham’s show was also fabulous. We ended up leaving early because I wasn’t feeling well at all and literally could not stop coughing, but the part we did see was filled with a mix of new and old songs, all of which struck a chord. Even cooler? The pre-show soundcheck party, where we got to hear acoustic versions of three songs and chat with Graham for awhile afterwards. We told him we’d just seen Kelly the night before – that’s how we were introduced to him, when he opened for her on tour back in 2005 – and of course snapped some pictures. Ignore how terrible/icky/I’m-clearly-sick I look in mine.


Graham & Me

Other than that, though, the week was spent in bed. No holiday shopping. No Peppermint Mochas. No organizing. No movies. Not even any books, because looking down at the pages made the cough even worse. Today will be another day to rest and recover, but I am D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-E-D to get back into the swing of things tomorrow. This bronchitis has knocked me down for long enough. Time to stand back up. Yes, I’ll have to do it in moderation and still take things easy. I’ll also have to extend my one-week break into two (though, really, last week doesn’t count in my book – being sick is so not a vacation). That’s okay, though. I think I needed a reminder that even our best laid plans go awry. Things don’t always happen on our timetables. Life doesn’t operate on a schedule. Sometimes we have to go with the flow, give in to what the universe decides, and make the best out of whatever situation is handed to us. Sometimes we have to accept a Take Two. Good to remember for just about everything that comes our way, both personally and professionally.

Have you ever had to postpone something you’d been looking forward to for months? Any tips to ease a cough? And what’s your favorite flavor of Jolly Rancher? :)


11 thoughts on “Take Two.

  1. I hope you’re feeling better! Being sick during the holiday season stinks big time, but at least you got to go to the concert.
    My go to remedy for a cough it tea with lemon and lots of honey. Honey is very soothing and yummy at the same time. As for Jolly Ranchers, watermelon and green apple is the way to go.

    • Thank you! Ugh, yes, that’s one of the most frustrating parts. I have presents to buy, cards to write, and celebrations to get ready for, yet I’m stuck at home instead. I’m hoping to finally be able to venture out a little today and slowly start working my way into the swing of things again.

      I’d never thought to add honey, but I will definitely give it a try. Thank you for the suggestion! Oh, and Green Apple is a favorite of mine, too. I’ve had lots of those this past week and a half :)

    • Thank you! Today’s the first day I feel human again LOL – still coughing like crazy, but I feel better aside from that. ‘Tis the time of year for these kinds of infections, I guess. Hope everyone in your family is feeling much better now!

  2. My mom and brother are sick with the exact same thing. Every tiime I call home, my mom is coughing into the phone. :/ I keep telling them they’d better get healthy again before I come home!

    Hope you feel better! Hugs <3

    • It seems like a lot of people have some kind of variation of this — my doctor said the office has been filled with similar patients lately. It’s so annoying that there isn’t really much they can do other than let it runs its course. Apparently that course is a marathon? :P

      I hope your mom and brother feel better soon. And you — STAY HEALTHY!! Hugs back!!

  3. Oh, no! I knew you were sick, but I had no idea it was that bad! That sounds awful. I do hope you are fully recovered soon. Maybe you’ll start feeling better when you finally get caught up on sleep. I know it’s hard to heal when you’re exhausted. Kind of a catch-22, when you’re too sick to sleep, but too sleepy to get better.

    • Thank you!! I think it was the combination of everything that made me feel so miserable. The cough’s still really bad, but the fever and sinus pressure are gone now (knock on wood!), so I’m feeling better today. If only I could stop sounding like a barking seal! And yes, that’s it exactly and what my doctor said, too: I need the sleep and rest to recover, but the bronchitis makes it impossible to get that sleep. So annoying!

    • Thank you!! One of the only things that helps the cough is hot water, so I have been drinking it basically nonstop for a week … kinda makes me feel like a human water balloon :-) I’ve definitely got the fluids covered, though. If only I could get one full night of rest, I’d be happy. Fingers crossed for tonight.

      Love the grape ones, too! Cherry’s my favorite, with grape and apple close behind.

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