Why this week rocks:

“Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.”
~Maxim Gorky

When your week begins like this, it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for how the next seven days will play out. Luckily, a trip to the Apple store + the return of my multi-colored planning pens + some really exciting news has done more than enough to balance out the computer troubles. So, you may ask, why does this week rock?

Reason #1: Seeing the MacBook Pro in person and getting to explore its features? Made me want to buy one instantly. Despite the insanity of the Apple store (wow, do they need a space that’s double the size), the employees were all so friendly and helpful, and beyond that, the computers are just … awesome. If only I were a millionaire, I’d have snapped one up in a nanosecond. But since that’s not the case, I’m now weighing the OMGIWANTTHISLAPTOP voice in my head with the one that reminds me how much more affordable and reasonable a PC would be. Only … we can’t be reasonable all the time, right?

Reason #2: Who has a Meet & Greet pass for Kelly Clarkson’s concert this Sunday? ME!! I’m so excited I can’t stand it, so I can only imagine how giddy this weekend will be. And even better – my sister and friends have passes, too. To say I’m thrilled for them to meet Kelly for the first time is an understatement. Sharing the news with everyone yesterday was such fun. Is there anything better in this world than being able to make other people happy? I think not. I truly cannot wait to share this experience with them, and of course to talk with Kelly again. She has been such an inspiration over the years and I’m already planning what all I want to tell her this time. Here’s hoping I don’t ramble on for so long that she has to interrupt to ask my name like she did back in 2007. Ha. Really, though, when Kelly Clarkson is the one you’re embarrassing yourself in front of, it’s all good. All great. All SO FANTASTIC THAT YOU WANT TO JUMP UP AND DOWN!! Is it Sunday yet?!

Reason #3: Most people dislike Monday mornings. This week, I was looking forward to it more than words can express. Why, you may ask? Because I FINALLY got to start working on my new novel! Okay, okay, it’s only been six months since I finished writing the first draft of the previous one, but when writing fills you up like nothing else can, six months feels like an eternity. For as awesome a process as editing turned out to be, nothing – nothing – can compare to the adrenaline and hope of beginning a new manuscript. It’s like a new journey just waiting to unfold. A new adventure just waiting to envelop you in its grasp. A new baby just waiting to be born. Sitting down at my desk, swirling out my multi-colored pens like a rainbow of inspiration, it made this pure, innate joy swell inside. Getting started on character sketches, loose outlines, and research? I know it’s work – and challenging work at that – but my goodness, it feels like such a ray of light. There’s so much faith, so much belief, so much love at this stage of the game. And yes, the characters may be like old friends to me by this point, but their story is constantly spinning and creating new threads in their tapestry. So excited to see what they weave.

How has your week been going? Tell me one reason why it rocks!


8 thoughts on “Why this week rocks:

  1. Congrats on having a great week! The Clarkson concert sounds like it’ll be amazing. I enjoy live music, and just love seeing the songs actually being created in front of an audience, on the stage. Enjoy!

    My week rocks because I approved my final digital proof for my book’s publication in March. Next up, the final physical proof …

    • I absolutely couldn’t agree more about the live music experience – it’s something very special. The vibe is electric and the air is alive with energy. Kelly’s concerts are always my favorites, and I am SO excited to see her tomorrow!

      Oh my goodness, and huge congratulations on approving the proof. That must be such a surreal and thrilling moment. Best of luck to you on the journey ahead :)

    • Thank you!! :)

      I love all kinds — gel pens are my favorite, but I find that they smear frequently in my writing journal, so I just stick to ballpoint for that. They’re always in a full rainbow of colors, though!

  2. Aw, I’m so glad you’re having a good week despite the computer woes. How exciting, about the meet and greet! Nothing like that in my life, although we did rearrange the living room so that I can work facing the window. That’s been a nice change, although we still have to figure out some things with the desk and shelves and stuff.

    • Thank you!!

      I am incredibly excited about the M&G. Last time (four years ago), it felt so surreal that it was hard to actually internalize any of it. Hopefully this time I won’t be so nervous. Ooh, and the furniture rearrangement DEFINITELY counts as something great! There’s something about being able to look out the window as you work that makes a huge difference (at least for me) … it’s inspiring out there! :)

  3. So glad your week is going well! I love the feeling of beginning a new novel, so I know exactly what you’re going through now. Hope you’re having a great time. What did you end up doing, computer-wise? Hope you have fun at the concert tomorrow!

    • It’s one of my favorite parts of the whole writing process – that rush of energy and happiness is hard to duplicate! As for the computer, I’m almost decided on a Mac. Best Buy is having a sale next week and the Apple store also mentioned something about a discount. If I can use those to drop the price enough, that’s what I want to go with for sure :)

      And thank you! I am SOOOO excited!!

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