Power of Print.

“Write it down in your own handwriting.”
~Eugene Ormandy


Character Sketch 1

Character Sketch 2


Journal 1

Journal 2


16 thoughts on “Power of Print.

  1. Haha, I love it! (And you have great handwriting!)

    My notebook is similar in that some pages are neat and tidy, and others are INSANE jumbles of words and arrows and cross-outs. It’s all part of the fun though, you know? :)

    (I still remember showing my notebooks to Andy for the first time. I honestly think he fell in love with me a little more that day.)

    • Thanks! I love yours, too.

      That’s the nature of a writer’s notebook, I think: we start off so neat and organized, but then once the heart of the process begins, ideas come so fast and furious that it’s almost impossible to keep up. Definitely all part of the fun.

      Also – Andy sounds so sweet! :)

  2. What a cool idea for a post! It was so fun to read! It reminds me of a friend of my husband’s who has decided to mail one letter per week (day?) because he thinks handwritten letters are an art form. Cool idea, huh?

    Like Kate, I love your method, too!

    As for your question, I usually type things because my handwriting is awful, and I’m actually faster at typing than handwriting now. Plus everything is better organized on my computer. The only exception is in my bedside notes, because I don’t like to look at a bright computer screen in the middle of the night. That tends to make it hard to go back to sleep afterward!

    • Ohhhh, I LOVE your husband’s friend’s idea. I’ve always been big on handwritten cards and letters – still send them whenever possible – and adore the idea of mailing one per week. It makes me smile whenever I get a letter, and if I can brighten someone’s day similarly, I’d so love to, you know?

      LOL so now I have this image of you waking up in the middle of the night, typing furiously on your computer, and then slamming the laptop lid down when you’re finished. Maybe you’re right … handwriting is better in that case ;-) I used to keep a notebook by my bed, too, but I found it would keep me up so late, all the ideas swirling around. Now I make a very conscious point of leaving it on my desk instead. The physical distance helps me separate from work and actually get some rest!

  3. I love this idea for a handwritten post! I’m thinking I’m going to have to steal the idea from you sometime soon!
    I do a lot of handwriting. I hand-write almost all my notes for school. I feel like I retain more of the knowledge when I hand-write it and later transfer it to the computer for a final outline. My notebooks start a lot like yours and then turn to a jumbled mess. It just comes with the thinking process. Thanks for sharing you notes! You have great handwriting.

    • Steal away! It’s fun to see what everyone’s handwriting is like!

      I’ve always been the same way with note-taking – in college, for book research, everything. Something about the physical process of writing letter-by-letter really does help you retain it more, it seems. Are you a color-coder, too? ;-)

  4. I just responded to your email and talked about our writing journals and then came over here and saw this post! I love your color-coding and organization. My journal is about the same as your last few pictures. I have arrows pointing to other things, astricks and stars, notes scribbled in the margins.

    This is such a fun post idea, maybe I’ll show the world my new writing journal soon! :)

    • It made me smile when I read your email, because I was thinking what similar wavelengths we’re on. Great minds, right? ;-) I want to see your writing journal, too — do the post, do the post!!

    • Woohoo! Yipee! It worked! For the longest time WordPress accounts required me to use my super old WordPress blog in order to comment with my caryncaldwell.com email. I didn’t want to use my gmail account for it because, well, we’ve discussed getting outside emails on our personal email accounts (oh, the heart palpitations, only to find out it’s not an offer…). And if I used my gmail account I also couldn’t use my picture. So. I finally figured out how to change it, and then I had to test it. Thanks for participating in my little experiment, willingly or not. :-D

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