Taste of Spring.

“The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other.”
~Arthur Rubenstein

Two words: March eighth. Two more words: Seventy degrees. And two more: Absolutely beautiful. The normal high temperature for this time of year hovers somewhere around the fifty degree mark, so when our meteorologists mentioned that today would be a preview of warmer weather to come – and, of course, bring with it a happy, carefree, inspiring touch of spring fever – I knew there was no option but to get outside and soak it in. Soak in the sun, soak in the warmth, soak in the zip of adrenaline that this season of renewal and rejuvenation brings for so many people.

But first, it was (finally!) time to give that same sense of promise back to my main character. After two weeks’ worth of scenes that have been so emotionally draining and very difficult to write, words cannot begin to express the joy I felt at being able to instill a spark of hope back in her life. To be sure, she still has a long way to go. Her family has a long way to go. They have wounds to heal, strength to find, tragedy to turn into triumph. That doesn’t happen overnight, or even in a few weeks. For Sofie and company, it’ll take a long time. But today the tide began to turn. The waves of torment began to recede. The crest of faith, of love, of healing from the hurt, it began to rise up. The darkness began to be broken by rays of light. And writing it? Getting to bring my characters out of their heartache a little, giving them a getaway that helped them just breathe … it was a gift. It was also something else: a reminder that putting them through so much was worth it. For as trying as it was and will continue to be in the future, for as much as I wish I could make it all better for them, they need to do that for themselves. I’m having such a blast watching it start to happen now.

And, after 1834 words were written today, I also had a blast enjoying Mother’s Nature beauty.

Sunny cerulean skies + a bench under a tree’s canopy + MOCKINGJAY = <3


So pretty – can’t wait until the flowers bloom!


I heart cutesy bookstores.


Add in a fudge brownie/twist custard gelati from Rita’s Water Ice (thanks for the idea, Hope!) and you have a recipe for a lovely day. How about y’all? What’s your favorite way to spend a day that bursts with the promise of spring? And, because two days of research and writing about Washington DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival has me yearning to see it in person – who wants to go with me? I’ll be your best friend forever … ;-)


8 thoughts on “Taste of Spring.

  1. Me! I want to go with you! Would *love* that!

    It was a gorgeous day here too. Bummer I was inside working all day. It’s supposed to be beautiful tomorrow too, so I’ll get to enjoy it then. Just being outdoors on a warm day makes me smile. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the warmth! There’s something about it that just has to make you smile – being out in the sunshine and even working indoors by a window, spring infuses happiness like nothing else! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, too!

  2. That does sound lovely! And your picture of the pond was gorgeous. What a nice place to go work. You reminded me that I wanted to take my revisions outside for a while if the weather’s good enough. I’ll have to go outside and check. Would be nice to have a change of scene! Great job on your book, too! Almost 2,000 words? Way to go!

    Oh, and I’d gladly go to the Cherry Blossom festival. It sounds beautiful. If only it weren’t so far away!

    • Were you able to get outside and enjoy the warm weather? I love taking my work outside when it’s in the planning or revising stages. The fresh air is an instant rejuvenation!

      The Cherry Blossom Festival sounds (and looks!) so beautiful. I remember how lovely the Tidal Basin area is even without the flowering trees, so it must be absolutely gorgeous when they’re at their peak bloom. A friend and I are hoping to go down for a day or two later this month or in April. Fingers crossed!

  3. This whole winter has felt a lot like Spring here. It’s been a great season to enjoy the outdoors. I’m a walker, and have been doing lots of that lately!

    • Same here! I do wish we’d gotten one big snow, but I’ll never complain about warmer temperatures. It’s been a lovely time to get out and about!

  4. Yay! I love that you went to Rita’s! I don’t know how I missed this post. I’m sorry for commenting so late. Speaking of Rita’s, it’s free today!! I might need to stop there at some point after work :)

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