Ode to Bread.

“Passover affirms the great truth that liberty is the inalienable right of every human being.”
~Morris Joseph

Sometimes you’re fluffy, fresh from the oven and steaming hot.

Sometimes you’re chilled from the refrigerator, and that still hits the spot.

Sometimes you’re golden brown, shaped into baguettes and rolls.

Sometimes you’re a side dish, meant to complement whatever’s in our bowls.

And let’s not forget all your other cohorts:

Pizza, pasta, cereal, and bagels – without them we’d clearly be out of sorts.

But beginning tonight and lasting for eight days, anything with wheat, flour, or grain must be tucked away.

Instead we’ll eat matzah, matzah, matzah, the unleavened bread of yesterday.

We’ll give thanks for our freedom, and of course our ancestors’ liberty, as well.

We’ll recite the Four Questions and declare that matzah ball soup is swell.

Moses told the Pharoah to “let my people go” and then he parted the Red Sea.

Tonight we honor that by sharing a seder with friends and family.

So even though I live on pasta and bread, even though I eat them every day,

I’ll say ‘adios’ to the delicious confections and embrace the matzah on its stay.

But until sundown, pizza it will be.

And maybe some ice cream, and cookies, and pretzels – so yummy!

So do me a favor, dear friends, if you will:

Enjoy some leavened foods for me next week. It’ll give you a thrill!

Happy Passover to everyone celebrating tonight, Happy Easter to everyone celebrating Sunday, and remember … when you eat matzah for two meals per day, a goofy ode to bread is totally, completely, and absolutely necessary :)


10 thoughts on “Ode to Bread.

  1. Loved this! Hope you had a nice holiday! I could eat matzah brie every day ~ I love it! And I have a great recipe for chocolate covered matzah if you want it. :)

    • You know, it’s not even so much the bread as the cereal and pasta … and basically any kind of chip/snacky type food. Potato chips are fine, but that’s about it. I’m getting tired of eating the same three foods every day :P

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