In a New York Minute.

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”
~Thomas Wolfe

It’s been a picture perfect spring so far when it comes to the weather – mild temperatures, sunny skies the color of robin’s eggs, trees and flowers blossoming with a rainbow of pinks, reds, yellows, and purples. So naturally (because this is the way it always works, yes?), the one weekend we had tickets to a Broadway show in New York, there was a Nor’easter. I know, I know – Nor’easters are for the winter. They involve swirling snowflakes and frigid digits. Except when they storm up the coast in April, and then they involve sheets of rain and gusty winds that make using an umbrella a Herculean task (or maybe just a useless one).

So what do you do in NYC when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate?

-Take goofy pictures in your hotel room.


-Adopt a cuddly friend (because everyone has to love stuffed polar bears, even those of us who are twenty-eight).


-Watch the sky’s leaky faucet drop over three inches of rain on a deserted, waterlogged Times Square (SO STRANGE to see it that desolate!).

Times Square

-Snap photos of the surrounding skyscrapers disappearing into a blanket of fog.


-Fly out of your hotel the next morning when you see that Kate Walsh is on Good Morning America, because really, how awesome would it be to catch a glimpse of an actress you love? When she’s jetted off for her next appearance on Live with Kelly, hang around outside the studio and watch the fabulous Robin Roberts celebrate her tenth anniversary with GMA.

Robin 1

Robin 2

Robin 3

-Walk for miles, despite the cold weather, because WHOOHOO IT’S NOT RAINING ANYMORE!


Times Square


Rockefeller 2


-Pose with Times Square in the background.


-Go back to the theater the day after seeing the show so you can actually get a picture without rain splatters dotting the camera lens.


We may have been rained upon, but we definitely didn’t allow ourselves to get rained out. Because NYC is always magical, always electrifying, always alive with energy. It is the kind of place you can belong to instantly. It’s the kind of place you can immerse yourself in, the kind of place you can travel to again and again (and again), the kind of place that makes you feel big and small at the same time. Have you ever been somewhere that evokes the same inspiration in you? Where was it?


13 thoughts on “In a New York Minute.

  1. Oh, yes! I heard New York got bad weather. It’s been in the eighties and nineties here, just starting to get hot, so it’s difficult to picture winter weather in your area! Bad weather or not, I love your enthusiasm and willingness to make the best of things! So fantastic!

    As for GMA, do you ever read Sarah Dessen’s blog? She’s actually been in the audience a few times. She LOVES GMA. You might enjoy reading some of her entries.

    P.S. Great boots, by the way! :-)

    • Ugh, the weather has been so gloomy lately – either damp and overcast or way too chilly for the end of April. I guess this is our payback for all the sun and warmth we had for the past month and a half? Either way: booooo.

      I’ve never read Sarah’s blog, but I’ve seen some of her GMA tweets (I think Robin Roberts RT’d her and that’s how I found her twitter). What a cool experience it must be to be in-studio for the broadcasts. I’ve watched from outside a couple times before and been to a show from their Concert Series, but that has to be even neater!

      And thank you! Famous Footwear a few years ago for 50% off! They’re my favorites! :)

    • It really does have a unique kind of energy and magic! I go a few times each year since it’s only a short train ride away and always find new things to love!

    • Thank you! Oh, you should definitely see Newsies if you get the chance. I didn’t know much about it beforehand, but it really is such a good show. The storyline is so interesting and the cast is quite talented!

    • I hope you get the chance to visit NYC sometime – it is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once. Same for Nashville, I think – it is such a truly magical place. I was only there overnight during my road trip, but fell in love instantly. I must visit again!!

    • Same here in PA – it’s like we’re back to winter now! What’s up with this? Mother Nature needs to straighten out her confusion ASAP. I’ll say, though, it was actually kinda cool to see Times Square so empty. There was a point on Sunday night when literally nobody was in sight, and even early on Monday morning, the sidewalks seemed pretty uncrowded. The show was great! I didn’t know much about it beforehand, but I really enjoyed it. The storyline was super interesting (especially to a journalism nerd like me!) and the cast is very talented!

  2. There’s a resplendent arboretum that boasts a few wonderful hiking paths along a beautiful lake tucked away on the south shore of Long Island where I like to meet up with friends or go it alone and take in Mother Nature @ her best. In this place, is where I find my inspiration. Great pics of New York City :)

    • Oh, what a lovely and serene place that sounds like! I love finding spots that are an oasis from life’s hustle and bustle … just somewhere to take a breath, stop, and smell the roses. So peaceful and inspiring.

      (And – hi! Thanks for stopping by!)

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