Five Days.

(AKA: I’m fully immersed in BookLand as I finish up this first draft, so please excuse my lack of posting until the final two chapters and epilogue are written.)

(AKA: Five more days with my book-babies. I may or may not have shed a few tears over this already.)

(AKA: I’m too emotional after working each day to write a coherent blog post, so these pictures of my OMG-I-MUST-MAKE-SURE-EVERYTHING-FITS-IN!!!! frenzy will have to suffice.)

I’ve lost count of how many times this outline from a few weeks ago has been tweaked.

Check marks have become my best friends.

One of the scenes I’ve been most excited to write … 2689 words in three hours.

My home as of late.


We always say that writing takes us on an emotional roller-coaster … (Subtitled: time to take a break from the computer, Shari!).

Most pointless post ever, right? :)


8 thoughts on “Five Days.

  1. Not pointless at all! I love to hear how your novel is coming! I also loved being able to peek inside your notebooks and see your desk. Though, seriously, SO weird to see the picture of your MacBook Pro…on my MacBook Pro screen. :-D Very meta.

    • This made me LOL, because I thought the same exact thing as I was transferring the pictures to iPhoto – so strange to see my MacBook ON my MacBook screen! :P

  2. lol! I love the “roller coaster” pics. *sigh* The things we do after spending a whole lotta time with our writing :) That’s pretty cool that not only do you still jot down things in a notebook but it’s in magenta! How DO you even see it?! :)

    • I know it’s probably considered old-fashioned, what with all the awesome technology we have now, but I really love to do my planning in a notebook instead of on the computer. Something about physically writing it down makes it resonate more. I always keep the journal next to my laptop when I write and often take it with me when I’m away from home. LOL, and I know, the neon colors are definitely bright. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved using different shades. My AP History teacher in eleventh grade always asked me the same thing about how I could see the colors. They’re not quite as fluorescent in person :P

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