Idol Tour 2012.

Pretty sure I’ve been the world’s worst blogger lately – forget about forty-eight hour days, somebody needs to figure out a way for there to be seventy-two instead – and since I’m currently looking at an empty suitcase (oops), I’m afraid that’s not going to change today. My schedule got a bit thrown off when I woke up yesterday with fever. Aches and chills? Not good anytime, let alone two days before you’re leaving for vacation and right before you have plans to attend a concert. Advil seems to have done its job, though, and thankfully the fever has been gone since last evening. A slight cold seems to have taken its place, which is still a bummer since we’re leaving tomorrow, but I’ll take that over the alternative any day of the week. ANYWAY, the point to my ramblings is that, yet again, this post is basically a bunch of pictures. I promise: things will get back to normal around here soon! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the snapshots from last night’s American Idol tour, one of the best in years! Everyone was fantastic, even better than on the show, and they were all so sweet when we met them afterwards.

Heejun! He made me smile every week on the show – such a fun-loving, endearing person!

Elise was my favorite this year, and her voice was CRAZY GOOD in person. Bonus points to her for being so gracious, kind, and friendly at the M&G afterwards!

Erika! She’s so bubbly and genuine!

Okay … off to tackle my packing. My next post will be written from an oceanside balcony. WhooHoo!


4 thoughts on “Idol Tour 2012.

  1. Wow, busy, busy, busy. The pics are awesome! How cool was that to be up close and personal with the contestants?! Sorry to hear you’re under the weather :( Glad to know you’re taking care of it and on your way (or probably there already) on vacay. Enjoy and when you get back, I entered you in a blog challenge @ :)

    • Thank you! Still not feeling too great, but hey … if I have to be under the weather, at least I get to look at the ocean at the same time, right? :) Oh, and it’s always very cool to chat with the contestants – they’re so sweet!

      I know I told you this already, but I love the blog challenge and can’t wait to participate!

  2. You are a wonderful blogger! You post such fun pictures, and you’re way more consistent than most people I know. Hope you’re feeling better and having lots of fun!

    Loved the photos, too. That looks like such a great time! You must have had some amazing seats to get such good closeups.

    • Aww …. thanks so much, Caryn. I really appreciate all your kind words and well wishes.

      Yes, our seats were awesome! We were the sixth row in the first elevated section by the stage. Probably the best view we’ve ever had for an Idol tour!

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