Catching My Breath.

“Catch my breath
No one can hold me back
I ain’t got time for that
Catch my breath
Won’t let em get me down
It’s all so simple now.”
~Kelly Clarkson, “Catch My Breath.”

Sometimes I think Kelly Clarkson can actually see inside my brain. What other explanation is there for how ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY her new song coincided with my week off from work? Catching my breath, letting it go? Laughing hard with the windows down? Leaving footprints all over town? Keeping faith karma comes around? I mean, really … MINDREADER. And can we talk about how awesome this song is? Kelly wrote it about her journey since winning Idol – what she’s learned, who she’s become, where she’s going. It debuted last Wednesday and, no exaggeration, it has literally been stuck in my head ever since. Not that I’m complaining, because it’s one of my favorites of hers (yes, already). You should all do yourselves a favor and listen:

So, how have I been catching my breath during my break from edits?

There was a visit to the Franklin Institute.

Pendulum staircase!

Only I would take a picture “with” my heart murmur…

LOVE this quote.

Ancient bird in the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit … they are STILL following me.

And a hot chocolate/pumpkin-buying spree.

Decorating my desk for the season!

A Sofie pumpkin and an Ellie pumpkin … it’s completely normal to name things after your characters, right? :)

And a lovely day spent at Arcadia for Alumni and Homecoming Weekend.

Mom and me.

Soccer field, library, and the new (beautiful!) building on campus.

I wish this had been there when I was a student!

Murphy Hall, Room 108 … AKA my home away from home for four years.

The castle will always be my favorite part!

So pretty inside.

Can you imagine living here?

Hangin’ out with a knight.

Fireworks over the castle!

It looked like Christmas lights were dancing in the sky!

And a great concert!

Graham Colton!

After the show!

Always enjoy Graham’s shows and his wonderful music!

There has also been lots (L-O-T-S) of cleaning and reading. And, now that I’ve had a week to rejuvenate and refuel, I am ready – and excited – to jump into the second round of revisions tomorrow. I’m looking forward to tightening up the story even more and getting to visit with my book-babies again. Because, as Kelly sings, it’s always important to make time for “the ones who count.”


14 thoughts on “Catching My Breath.

    • Thank you! I’m back to plugging away at them … my eyes aren’t too thrilled with me for all the time spent staring at a computer screen, but other than that, it’s a fun(ish) process!

  1. I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. She’s my favorite American Idol ever! Your pictures are amazing, especially of the fireworks… how beautiful is that? It’s like confetti lights! Good luck with your second round of revisions. I’m diving in myself!

    • Yay! I’m always excited to meet another Kelly fan! Isn’t she awesome? So looking forward to her greatest hits album next month!

      Good luck with your revisions, too! :)

    • Aww, that makes me smile! I guess I’ve kinda, sorta made it clear that she’s my favorite singer, huh? ;-) Oh, and it’s fun to have the pumpkins on my desk … gives me something bright and cheerful to focus on when I need a momentary break from revisions!

  2. Good old Kelly Clarkson :) First CD with decent music was by her! Sounds like you’ve had a pretty good week off from the hard work of being a writer. Hope this rejuvenation gives you a real good boost to get heaps done when you jump back into it!

    • Kelly is one of few singers where I can honestly say I like every song on every CD. She’s just awesome. And yes, I had a great week off! It was exactly what I needed to jump back into edits with a fresh perspective and rejuvenated energy!

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