Plus and Minus.

“The desire to write grows with writing.”
~Desiderius Erasmuss

+ : We’ve had not one, not two, but three days of beautiful spring-like weather. After winter’s frigid digits, it has been both energizing and inspiring to feel the warm sunlight again. I don’t even care that temperatures are taking a plunge again for the rest of this week (okay … that’s a lie … I care at least a little …). Mother Nature gave us just enough of a spring fling to be satisfactory. I can wait a couple more weeks for it to be an everyday occurrence. In the meantime, I spent my weekend walking through the quaint Peddler’s Village, along the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ, and around the block at home.

Peddler's Village

: The aforementioned boardwalk was cut much shorter than normal, still splintered from the effects of Hurricane Sandy last year. This was the first time I’d been to the shore since the storm set its eye on New Jersey, and to see the barricades, the boarded-up homes and businesses, the sand still in the streets, and the boardwalk blocked off in many spots … it was just very, very sad. I know the shore will rebuild its way into being better than ever, but until then, it hurts to see such a special place still rocked by waves that have long since retreated.

+ : Falling more and more in love with your WIP with each day you sit down to write is, truly, the best feeling ever. It’s always a good thing when you wake up on Monday morning, on every morning, eager to get back to work. Everything about this project has been joy-filled so far. In the midst of querying, it reminds me exactly why I write, exactly why I continue to pursue this, exactly why I can’t ever give up. I’ve written just over 23,000 words so far and am so legitimately excited about telling the rest of this story that I wish I could just glue myself to the desk chair and focus on nothing else. Other responsibilities, who needs ’em?

: Those other responsibilities beg to differ, as do my bleary eyes and needs-to-be-cracked-frequently neck. Oops?

+ : You should be really jealous of how I spent my Sunday morning this week, because it involves two of General Hospital’s sweetest, kindest, and funniest actors. Jason and Dominic were both gracious and genuine. They’re so down-to-earth and friendly, even coming over to suggest pictures to snap (true story: Jason only wanted me to take candid photos of my sister meeting Dominic!). My favorite moment? Telling them about Mine to Love – because GH recently had an adoption storyline, as well – and Jason calling after me as I was walking away, “Good Luck with your book!” So nice. Also … not the worst people to be between for a picture, huh? :)


: Yeah, there isn’t really a corresponding ‘minus’ for this one, so instead I’ll just post some more pictures. Ha.



Give me a plus or minus from your weekend/day/week!


8 thoughts on “Plus and Minus.

  1. Cute idea! And YAY for all those words on the new ms!

    + Mini golf and monopoly with old college friends.
    – Being distracted and accidentally leaving a trash can open for Riley to get into and eat stuff he’s not supposed to.

    • I am trying oh-so-hard not to write a book that goes over the WC guidelines this time … however, it may be a fruitless endeavor. I foresee deletions in my future. ;-)

      Mini golf sounds so fun, and Monopoly too! Did you win?!

  2. + I had an awesome first week of classes at Uni and am loving res life.
    – No one I already know well seems to want to go out with me tonight. Might have to make some new friends…

    Glad to hear your WIP is coming along so well, even if it is hurting your eyes and neck (I know that feeling!). Keep it up.

    • Ditto! This is like the winter that never ends … what’s up with the predicted wet snow today? It needs to GO AWAY. It was definitely a reality check to see the shore like that. I can’t even imagine what it was like in the immediate aftermath :(

  3. Great post idea! Loved all the pictures, too.

    +: I’m close to finish this newest round of revisions
    -: It’s taken longer than planned because things have been crazy

    Hope you’re having a great week!

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