Happy 50th, General Hospital!

“Daytime has been successful all these years because it caters to a very real need in the audience – to see something that’s not nighttime fantasy. People watch daytime because it’s like their lives.”
~Erika Slezak

GH collage

Happy 50th Anniversary, General Hospital! Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the sunshine, the tears, the joy, the storylines that inspire and touch, the special and talented actors who make their fans feel like friends, and the truly amazing group of people I’ve met thanks to the show. Cannot imagine my life without them, and I owe it all to GH. I am so proud to be a fan of this tugs-at-your-heartstrings daytime drama and the incredible cast who breathes life and soul into their characters every day. Here’s to another fifty years of magic, stories, and memories!


7 thoughts on “Happy 50th, General Hospital!

  1. I love that you’re so dedicated to your fandom :) Haha. Happy birthday to them! Have a nice day, Shari… and I LOVE that quote :D never heard it before, but that is awesome.

  2. I love these pics! Looks like you got some pretty cool poses with everyone. Wow, fifty years, huh? I also toast to another fifty, GH. One of the best things to happen to one of my SOAPs (Y&R) is when Jason got added to the cast. *drools* :)

    • Thank you! :) Y&R isn’t too far behind, right? Didn’t they just celebrate their 40th? I keep meaning to tune in one day to see Steve Burton in his new role … must remember to do that!

    • Aww, thank you! I know soap operas get a bad rap sometimes, but honestly, the emotion that GH brings about is so special and real. I’ll forever be glad to be a fan! :)

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