Popping In.

“You find me here alone,
I hear a voice that’s so unknown.
It strikes courage up my backbone,
Strength in my heart.”
~Angie Miller, “You Set Me Free”

Wow, it’s been forever and a day since I last posted anything, hasn’t it? Full blame goes to my WIP, which has me so immersed in its pages that I’ve now forgotten to eat breakfast not once, but twice, this week … oops? With only seven and a half chapters left to write I’m finding it harder and harder to pry myself away from my desk. To say I’m excited about what’s ahead for my characters is the understatement of the century. Then there’s the fact that when I get to the home stretch of a first draft everything else usually falls by the wayside. It’s just challenging to remove myself from the story’s world for very long. Even when I’m not actively working, I still find my thoughts wandering back to the book. I wanted to pop in and say hi, though, and figured I’d share a few things currently capturing my attention when I’m not hanging out with Remi and Charlotte.

What I’m Reading: I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Claire Cook’s TIME FLIES from Goodreads and am thoroughly enjoying it. Normally I back off from reading as I write the final chapters of a manuscript – I like to stay in my own characters’ heads and not get to know others – but I’m squeezing in a couple chapters each day since this story is so fun. A main character who’s terrified of driving on highways? Let’s just say I can most definitely relate.

What I’m Watching: Anyone else a Dancing with the Stars fan? I’ve been rooting for Ingo Rademacher and Kellie Picker all season long and was thrilled for Kellie when she won the mirrorball trophy last night. Her dancing is lovely and her personality is contagious. She just makes you want to smile! How about American Idol? Anyone see the finale last week? Angie and Candice were my favorites from way back in the audition rounds. This is the first time since Carrie Underwood that one of my top picks actually won!

What I’m Listening To: Going along with the Idol theme, I pretty much haven’t been able to get Angie’s version of “Try” out of my head since she sang it on the show two weeks ago. I’ve also been loving the studio version of her self-penned single “You Set Me Free.” There’s something really special about that song. She’s going to be a big hit in the music scene, I can just tell.

Your turn: what are you reading, watching, and listening to right now?


14 thoughts on “Popping In.

  1. OOoohhh!! Good luck to your manuscript! I’d like to read it when it gets published! :D :D

    Let see… what am reading right now. I’m not reading a novel, but I’ve been catching up on my mangas, so I’ve been reading the next volume of Arata Legend. :) At the moment, Tokyo Drift is on comcast…though as much as I am a Fast and the Furious Fan, this one I feel isn’t as good, nor does it follow the rest of the other movies. And listening….ever since I came back to the Steampunk World’s Fair, I’ve been listening to Frenchy and the Punk. lol Well..I hope you have a wonderful week!! :)

  2. Hooray for only seven chapters left! That means I get to read it soon! :p

    I was SO NERVOUS Tuesday night while my family watched the DWTS finale! I hadn’t watched it too much when I was at school, mostly just the last four weeks or so when classes ended and after I moved home, but I was definitely rooting for Kellie and Derek. Derek is my favorite pro on the show by far, and I remember when I found out Kellie was doing the show, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if she ended up partnered with Derek? I never actually thought she WOULD! And that she’d be as amazing as she is. Can I just say, WHERE did that dance ability come from? I had no clue during AI5 that she was that flexible and talented (I’m not sure she did, either!), and I love watching her dance. Her freestyle made me tear up! I’m so happy she won!

    • Yes, you do! I am so excited to hear what you think of it!

      There was an interview with Kellie at the beginning of the season where she talked about how her grandpa loves the show and Derek is his favorite dancer — it must’ve been so neat for him to watch them dance together. I loved her freestyle and also the dance she did (pretty early on in the season) with her husband singing as accompaniment. Agreed – watching her on Idol, I’d never have guessed how graceful and talented she is at dance. She’s incredible. So happy she won!

    • Ooh, how has SYTYCD been so far? It conflicted with my other shows the first couple weeks (cracks me up – I watch a grand total of three things and somehow they always seem to be on at the same time) so I haven’t seen much yet, but am looking forward to catching up!

      • Auditions are auditions; I never get too excited, and there’s lots of filler material. (Although there were some great dancers too, of course.) Vegas week starts this Tues (!!) and then I think the first real competition episode is either the 3rd or 4th week of June? Can’t wait!

  3. You GO GIRL! Keep on writing, but don’t go insane please.

    Reading: The Lies We Told, Dianne Chamberlain
    Watching: The Voice (#teamsarah #teammichelle). I did catch some of DWTS and was really only watching for Kellie.
    Listening: Demi Lovato, Fitz and the Tantrums, Lady Antebellum

  4. Wow, you really are flying through this manuscript!!! :) Awesome work. Although you should probably NOT skip meals, especially breakfast. So exciting! Currently not reading anything that isn’t uni-related, but I’m watching Game of Thrones and I have an Adele CD playing in the background at the moment.

    • I did eat a bigger lunch than normal as compensation … ha. It’s been really difficult not to get engrossed in the writing, but I’m definitely going to make sure I don’t skip breakfast again.

      Yay for Adele! Her music is fabulous!

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