Wordless(ish) Wednesday: finding inspiration everywhere.

“Your story matters. Tell it.”

Like Aly, I have been spending a lot of time lately organizing and de-cluttering. If I’m not sitting down at my desk to revise, chances are I’m cleaning or sorting or rearranging. There’s nothing like revamping a room to give you a fresh perspective – that’s what HGTV tells us and I must agree. Part of my recent redesign includes hanging up and displaying a plethora of inspirational plaques that I’ve bought over the past few years. Here’s a sampling:








As you can see, most of my wall hangings are centered around writing, the seashore, and the beauty of dreaming big. How about you? Anyone else a quote and plaque fanatic like I am?


12 thoughts on “Wordless(ish) Wednesday: finding inspiration everywhere.

  1. I love the “Write Your Own Destiny” one! It’s beautiful!!!! <3 I'd love to start collecting canvas art like that, ones with inspirational words on them especially. I see them all over Pinterest!

    • Oh my gosh, I got SO excited when I found that one in a bookshop down the shore last year. I had to buy it! Also … I have been trying really hard to avoid Pinterest, but I can feel myself getting pulled in … ;-)

  2. I am a TOTAL inspirational art prints/quote person, They really cheer up a room and I feel like having them sometimes triggers more creative thoughts. Also, I love how much of your stuff is ocean/beach-y. Must be perfect to draw inspiration from for editing SOT. :)

    • I absolutely agree — something about them lends itself to an additional spark of creativity. They just sort of buoy up the mind, you know? And YES! The ocean/beachy theme always puts a smile on my face, but especially so since I’ve been working on SOT. Makes me feel like I’m right there with Charlotte, Nolan, Remi, and Eli. :)

  3. Your writing space is LOVELY. I adore the soft blues and the ocean theme. It looks so calming and relaxing. I need to start collecting framed quotes because I love them so much!

    • Thank you! When I redid it a few years ago, I knew I wanted an ocean/beach theme. It’s my favorite place to be, so how better to decorate the space where I spend the most time? Framed quotes are such a fun thing to collect … you can’t help but smile when looking at them, you know?

    • Ha! You know you’re a writer when …. :)

      Oh my gosh, I LOVE that lamp. I found it in a boutique at the shore a few years ago – the summer before I redid the entire room in a beach theme – and couldn’t resist buying it. Makes me feel like I’m seaside!

  4. I love all this! Your room has such a nice, pretty, peaceful feel to it — much like the ocean. Warm and calming and serene. Will you come decorate my house next? Pretty please?

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