Tuesday’s Tunes: KC & M5 Edition.

“Just wait, everything will be okay
Even when you’re feeling like it’s going down in flames.
People like us, we’ve gotta stick together
Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever.”
~Kelly Clarkson, “People Like Us”

Remember that time when I said editing is fun? Yeah … I must’ve lost my marbles or something. As of today, I’ve finished twenty-eight out of thirty-five chapters, so the (temporary) finish line is in sight, and oh my goodness, am I ready for a break. There are a few longer chapters towards the end of the book, and in the interest of trying to preserve my eyesight and prevent too many headaches, I’ve been splitting them up into two days’ worth of work instead of one. That means revising on the weekends, too. That means only giving myself one day off over the span of three weeks. That means living and breathing this novel and these characters. It also means not wanting to do much of anything on the computer after I’m finished editing each day, including blogging. So, while I’m hanging out in Revision Land, please enjoy some of my favorite Kelly Clarkson videos. I’m going to her concert with Maroon 5 tomorrow (hence the one day off on Thursday, since it’ll be a late night) and can’t wait to sing, dance, and jump along to the music. What better way to take a break from work?

Breakaway (2004) :

My Life Would Suck Without You (2009) :

Stronger (2011) :

People Like Us (2013) :

And one of my favorite Maroon 5 songs:


What’s your go-to tune for when you need to have a dance party? Favorite KC song? Favorite Maroon 5 song?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tunes: KC & M5 Edition.

    • Thank you! It was fantastic!

      I was going to call you while KC was singing, but the cell reception there was horrible and I literally had zero service. Booooo.

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