Do you know?

“If you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.”

– Know what’s annoying? Super-maddening-makes-you-want-to-scream-from-a-mountaintop annoying? Tinnitus. I woke up last Thursday with a constant ringing in my right ear, kind of like the fire alarm you’d hear in a school building, and it’s been playing its irritating tune ever since. It FINALLY shifted to a more muted, lower-pitched sound today – still frustrating, but at least it’s not driving me up a wall. Working, reading, and even sleeping (especially sleeping) have been a challenge, because when it’s quiet ALL I can hear is the noise, and it’s getting to the point where I’m actually looking forward to seeing an ENT specialist next week to find out what’s going on and how, fingers crossed, to make it stop.

– Know what’s exciting? Super-wonderful-makes-you-want-to-jump-up-and-down exciting? Getting a meet & greet with the fabulous Kristin Chenoweth. She’ll be here for a concert in February and I decided to splurge for the VIP package. It is very important to me – more important than I can explain, really – to express my appreciation to her for her song “Borrowed Angels.” It brought me such comfort after losing Gram back in 2011, such solace after an experience that shattered my family’s collective heart into smithereens, and I desperately want to thank her for that. I already know I’m going to cry, but they will be happy tears. Grateful ones.

– Know what’s addicting? Super-compulsive-makes-you-keep-repeating-it-even-though-it-won’t-change-anything addicting? Refreshing your inbox while querying. Watched pots really don’t ever boil, do they?

– Know what’s invigorating? Super-adrenaline-pumping-makes-you-want-to-imagine-all-the-magic-in-the-world invigorating? Starting to dream up a new book. I’ve had several (very general, still hazy in that whimsical way where they contain so much possibility) ideas floating around in my head since finishing SANDS OF TIME, but I haven’t been ready to focus on them yet. Getting SOT prepared to query was first on my priority list, and to be honest, I was still too swept up in Remi’s and Charlotte’s worlds to even consider jumping into a new one yet. But then Kaitlin suggested a storyline that instantly sent my mind ablaze, and I’m really looking forward to discovering where it will lead. I haven’t started to brainstorm or plan yet, but am hoping to in the next couple weeks. And the best part? Remi and Charlotte get to play a role. I adore tying former MCs into new stories. Something about it just feels special.

What’s currently annoying/exciting/addicting/invigorating in your life?


14 thoughts on “Do you know?

  1. Ahhhhh I’ve been thinking about you and your book lately. Fingers crossed. And oh boy, I’m so sorry about the Tinnitus. I hope it goes away ASAP, and if not that your doc will have some answers for you. Hugs.

    I’ll do one:

    Addicting? Chex Mix Muddy Buddies – the cookies and cream kind!

    • Thank you! I have an ENT appointment scheduled for tomorrow, so hopefully she’ll be able to help.

      And oh my gosh, that sounds good! Must buy some and try it!

  2. Ugh, sorry about the tinnitus – I hope you find a way to get it to stop soon! And so true about the inbox being a watched pot when you’re querying. I think your new WIP will help a lot in that regard. Writing other stories has made me forget about my queries sometimes!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I always try to have a WIP going while querying — it makes the wait so much easier! (And really, how long can we actually go without writing something, right?) :)

  3. New book new book new book! Yay.

    Tinnitus? Boooooo.

    Fingers crossed while you query.

    In addition to Rainbow Rowell’s books, I was thinking you might enjoy THE SECRET DAUGHTER by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. It’s about adoption and motherhood and discovering oneself.

  4. Girl yes. I have bronchitis and a sinus infection so I too have a ringing in my ear and it’s obnoxious. I cannot believe you are going to meet Kristen! that’s so cool! You deserve it so I’m glad you splurged.

    • Obnoxious is the perfect way to describe it. I hope you feel better so soon! Aahh, and thank you! I am beyond excited and may already have a countdown going until the concert. ;-)

  5. I hope the ringing goes away! I’ll have it off and on for a few days or weeks and then just as mysteriously, it goes away. Blurgh.

    • Thank you! That’s what the ENT doctor said yesterday, too — she’s convinced it’ll go away on its own (if not, then she wants me to go back in December for a nerve test). Also: apparently my hearing is so good I should work for the CIA. Made me laugh!

  6. Hope your ear feels better soon! That’s horrible.

    Yay for getting to meet someone special, and I know how addictive that refresh button is… I think most facebook junkies do. It’s great that you’re in the process of thinking up a new story. Do you think you’ll start it in November and participate in NaNoWriMo?

    I find the fact that I’m about to have finished my first year at university invigorating.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Thank you! It seems to be improving slowly, so fingers crossed it keeps moving in that direction and disappears entirely sometime soon.

      I was thinking about doing NaNo – it’s actually the first year the timing would work out – but honestly, I’m not sure how well it fits my writing habits. I’m pretty adamant about not setting word count goals (I usually base it by chapter instead and aim for half a chapter each day) because having a strict number like that adds pressure and takes away from just losing myself in the story. I AM itching to write again, though, and will probably start up again sometime in November — so even though it won’t be NaNo in the traditional sense, I’ll hopefully be jumping into that adrenaline tank right along with everyone else!

      I said this on your blog, too, but it’s insane that your first year is finished! It feels like you were just starting!!

  7. Sorry to hear about your tinnitus :( What’s annoying is my sister trying to get me hooked on new TV series when she knows I don’t need to be distracted from writing. What’s exciting is my oldest prepping for college…eek! Where does the time go? What’s addicting is pure, brown or granulated sugar in any of its forms. What’s invigorating is my desire to write again after my hiatus. *Finger crossed on your querying* :)

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