Tuesday’s Tunes: Never Giving Up.

“Even if it means my heart keeps breaking
Even if I lose, my love’s not changing
I’m never … I’m never giving up.”
~Melinda Doolittle, “Never Giving Up”

You guys, I am SO EXCITED about this edition of Tuesday’s Tunes! Why, you may ask? Because it features the brand-new single from one of my favorite singers – and favorite people! – Melinda Doolittle. I’ve written before about how special Melinda is and how grateful I am to know her. What you see is what you get with her: she is kind, generous, giving, inspirational, and crazy talented. I have loved all her music and this song is no exception. In fact, it’s already catapulted to the top of my “must listen” list. Melinda talks about the meaning behind the song on her blog, and truly, I think it’s one we all can relate to in some way. How many times have we been told to stop pursuing a dream? To focus our attention elsewhere? How many times have we been knocked down? And, more importantly, how many times have we gotten back up?

No matter what you’re going through, no matter what roadblocks or detours you’ve encountered on the pathway to your brightest hopes and dreams, this song reminds us all not to give up. Not to listen to the naysayers. Not to let the journey make us lose sight of the destination. “Take my pen and write a brand-new dream” is my very favorite lyric — and not only for the obvious connection I feel to the words, since, as a writer, each story does indeed feel like penning a dream, but also because it’s just … a beacon of faith. What better gift is there than the ability to write our own destinies? To put those dreams on paper and then bring them to life? It is a lovely thing, a beautiful opportunity.

Give the song a listen and I promise you’ll be inspired: Never Giving Up. I’ll be listening to it as I continue querying SANDS OF TIME. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’ll even become my anthem.

What song is motivating you lately?


7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tunes: Never Giving Up.

  1. Excellent post, Shari, and I love the song too ;) Melinda is just so wonderful and this song is mega inspirational. I knew that would be your favorite line ;)

  2. It’s a lovely song, so thanks for sharing, Shari. That’s an awesome line, especially for writers, and now you’ve put an idea in my head for something new to think about and write :) It is always best not to give up on our dreams, because they are always more exciting than accepting the reality we’re in when we wake up without them.

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