It’s Okay.

“Don’t dream your life; live your dream.”

It’s okay if you’re having a day when you just want to shout it out. Our voices are meant to be heard.

It’s okay if it seems like things keep going wrong. That’ll make it even better when they go right.

It’s okay if the place you want to visit most feels out of your reach. You’ll get there someday.

It’s okay if you constantly give of yourself and it isn’t reciprocated. At least you know you tried.

It’s okay if you’re waiting for your future to start. It gives you time to enjoy the present.

It’s okay if some experiences leave you frustrated. Others leave you inspired.

It’s okay if you build a project brick by brick. Laying the foundation is crucial.

It’s okay if things need to be tweaked and plans changed. Sometimes the unexpected is meant to be.

It’s okay if everyone else seems to be sprinting ahead. Appreciate your pace and the gifts it offers.

It’s okay if you take it one step at a time. That is, after all, the only way to travel a great distance.

It’s okay. It’s more than okay.

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