Best Books, 2013.

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”

This is the fourth year I’ve written a “best of books” post, and each time, I somehow manage to look forward to compiling it even more. It’s always such fun to think back on the stories I’ve read over the past twelve months, the characters I’ve met and the worlds I’ve been introduced to along the way. Each one is like its own present, just waiting for its treasures to be unwrapped. And how great is it that we can learn something new, something wonderful, something magical from the pages we dive into so eagerly? Pretty darn great. Pretty darn amazing.

Okay, so here we go. My favorite reads of 2013 are:

The Theory of OppositesThe Best of UsEleanor & Park

Why Can't I Be YouCatching FireThe Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service

The Theory of Opposites – Allison Winn Scotch: I’ve written about this book before, so you already know how much I adore it. The story is inspiring, the cast is captivating, and the journey you go on with the characters is one that’ll have you reflecting on your own. Her whole life, main character Willa has felt trapped within the shadow of her father’s umbrella and frozen into inertia by his insistence that free will always falls victim to fate. Until she loses her job, her husband proposes they take a two-month break, her twelve-year-old nephew moves in, and her best friend dares her to swim upstream for perhaps the first time in her life by taking every single one of her instincts and doing the opposite. Willa’s quest to challenge her beliefs and change her life will leave you wanting to fly free right along with her. What’s next? Anything. Everything.

The Best of Us – Sarah Pekkanen: Sarah’s books are always a treat, and this one is no exception. With a memorable group of characters – a group of college friends who reunite to celebrate a thirty-fifth birthday at a private villa in Jamaica – and the ominous foreshadowing of a hurricane that’s set its eye on the island, it’s a story that not only intrigues, but also keeps you on the edge of your seat. Tina, Allie, Savannah, and Dwight … they are all different as night and day, as the shells you’d find among the sand, and yet there’s a common thread woven among them. There’s a friendship that’s evolved since their collegiate days and takes on a whole new meaning as they ride out the hurricane. But even more important than braving the storm? Braving each other.

Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell: For months now, I’ve been hearing people rave about Rainbow’s books, and I certainly understand why. There’s a gentleness to her writing style, even when the storyline itself is painful. For high school students Eleanor and Park, life is about music. About exploration. About good triumphing over evil. About each other. Theirs is a tale about first love and its magic. Eleanor’s home life is difficult, to say the least, and as Park becomes her salvation, you can’t help but fall for their love story. Characters like these make you believe again. I was rooting for them a hundred percent, and though some of the supporting cast had me wanting to slap some sense into them, that was, of course, the point – and just makes Eleanor and Park’s dedication to one another all the sweeter.

Why Can’t I Be You – Allie Larkin: Have you ever wished you could be someone else, even for a day? What about forever? Lonely and a little lost, when main character Jenny hears somebody calling for her across a hotel lobby, she answers – even though the name bursting through the air is actually Jessie. Despite her best intentions to tell the truth, Jenny lets herself fall into Jessie’s life. She fits in with her friends. She fits in with her hometown. She fits in with this new world. Even as she weaves a web of deceit, you can’t help hoping for Jenny to find her happily-ever-after … to create that happily-ever-after. Because, even though being Jessie teaches her a lot, Jenny’s journey is really about recognizing her truest self.

Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins: This one is actually a re-read, since I wanted to refresh my memory before seeing the movie version earlier this month. What can I say about this book? It’s my favorite from the trilogy, striking a perfect balance between action and emotion, and although I already knew what happened, I still found myself unable to stop reading. Katniss is the kind of heroine you can’t help admiring: fearless, dedicated, brave, and strong. She has heart. Peeta has heart. Even some of their fellow victors have heart. They create a team in the unlikeliest of circumstances and remind us that sometimes it’s better to stand together than fall apart. If we can remember that … well, then the odds will be in our favor.

The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service – Beth Kendrick: Lara is a matchmaker extraordinaire — except, instead of setting up her clients on a date, she finds them the perfect furry soulmate. Add that to her day job as a dog trainer, and her love for the canine species is pretty clear. But her boyfriend’s? Not so much. When their fight over one of Lara’s dogs escalates and she finds herself without a boyfriend – and without a home – she must work to pull her world back together. As she moves into her mother’s gated community and becomes a Dog Whisperer of sorts to the other residents, you can’t help smiling at the antics of the hilarious supporting cast. And when Lara finally realizes what a short leash she’s been clipping herself to? You’ll be cheering for her all the way.

Tell me: what are your favorite books of 2013?


9 thoughts on “Best Books, 2013.

  1. CATCHING FIRE is my favorite of the series too! And I’m soooo glad you liked ELEANOR & PARK. “Gentleness” is a good way to describe Rowell’s writing. I would add simplicity, genuineness, and humor. :)

    And dude, now I really want to read both Allie Larkin’s and Beth Kendrick’s! They sound like stories I would love.

    • “Genuineness” is the perfect descriptor for her writing! There’s such a sincerity to it that shines through every word.

      They’re both great books! I hope you enjoy them if/when you read! :)

  2. E&P and Catching Fire were on my list of books I read/reread this year, too! CF is my favorite of the Hunger Games trilogy (can’t count how many times I’ve read it!) and each time I gain more insight into Katniss as a character and her relationships with others. I have Jennifer Lawrence to thank for a lot of that, of course…she brings so much depth to the role!

    And we’ve talked about E&P, such a beautiful (and sad) love story!

    • Wait … you like Jennifer Lawrence?! ;-) It’s funny: I can’t even picture anyone other than her as Katniss now. She just embodies the character so well!

  3. I’d probably have to go to my Goodreads acct to get a nice list of what I’ve actually read because my memory’s shot. lol. But the book (and sort of series) that I can say I enjoyed the most this year — so much so that I re-read the 1st one to visit with the characters again — is Jamie McGuire’s BEAUTIFUL DISASTER. I almost fell into the same frenzy as my Twi-hard phase. I couldn’t wait for McGuire’s 2nd book to come in the mail & pre-ordered the 3rd, entering contests and whatnot. It was so much fun! In fact, I’m slowly reading the last one to “savor” it…don’t ask. Oddly, I’ve never re-read Stephenie Meyer’s stuff, though. :P

    • Oh, I completely get what you mean about reading slowly to savor a book — because even when you re-read one, the magic you feel when first falling in love with the story can’t be exactly the same. Sometimes I have trouble not flipping ahead to see what happens, but there’s something to be said for reading slowly and really embracing the story as you go!

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