The Happiness Project.




16 thoughts on “The Happiness Project.

    • Thank you! Only a couple days in, but I’m really enjoying the journal/project so far. It’s such a fun way to keep a record of each day. Happy New Year to you, too!

  1. Such a beautiful post (and in such beautiful handwriting!). I love all the positivity — and I don’t think I’m going to commit to the 5-year project with you, lol, but this is a great reminder to do my #dailygratitude tweets more consistently.

    Here’s to a great 2014, Shari!

    • Thank you! I absolutely love your daily gratitude tweets. They never fail to make me smile. It’s such a gift to be able to appreciate our blessings, big and small.

      Wishing you the greatest 2014 too!

  2. Such a wonderful idea to reflect on the year with something handwritten – it adds such a personal touch. I love your thoughts regarding resolutions, and the last paragraph was so inspiring and you.

    Oh, and “twin moment,” I actually ordered a “gratitude journal” the other day, which I think will be similar to The Happiness Project journal you’ve received. I’m looking forward to finding and recording optimism and joy in each day. Happy (almost) New Year, friend.

    • I’ll always be a sucker for handwritten things. I mean, technology is wonderful and all, but nothing quite beats the personal touch, you know?

      The gratitude journal sounds like such a wonderful idea. I hope yours is filled with pages upon pages of joy, magic, and hope. You deserve all that and more. Happy New Year to you too! <3

  3. The Happiness Project is such a wonderful idea! :) You’re right, it’s so easy to define your day by the one bad thing that happens instead of one really great thing. Staying positive is something I strive to do, too, so here’s to positivity and happiness in 2014!

    • Agreed! I’d heard of it before, but didn’t really know much about it until I got this journal. Dwelling on the negative is something I’ve caught myself doing lately, but I’m determined to change that in 2014. Positivity is so much better! :)

  4. I LOVE that you hand wrote this! I may steal the idea from you one day ;) I also love that you took the time to reflect on 2013. How else will any of us know where we’re going if we forget where we came from? Brilliant! I liked so much about last year and have similarly learned a lot. I got to meet, have signed and pose in a pic with one of my favorite authors last year and that was the bees knees. Here’s to more awesome moments in 2014, my friend!!

    • Steal away! :)

      It sounds like you had a lovely 2013. There’s just something so special about meeting a favorite author, isn’t there? It’s like a little burst of magic. So glad you had such an awesome experience, and I’m wishing you many more of them in 2014!

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