All in the Numbers, Part Two.

“When you have mastered numbers, you will in fact no longer be reading numbers, any more than you read words when reading books. You will be reading meanings.”
~W.E.B. Du Bois

6: the number showing our current windchill, which, believe it or not, is actually an improvement over some of the temperatures we’ve seen here lately. Between the frigid digits and the snowfall practically every other day, I think it’s safe to say everyone is counting down to spring. Fifty-two days, y’all!

46,440: the number of words in WATERCOLORS, my WIP, which has been such an interesting and eye-opening journey since day one. I’m going to write a separate post about this soon, but for now I’ll just say: it’s amazing how every book truly is an entirely different experience. Eden’s keeping me on my toes, though, and I’m looking forward to seeing where she takes me next.

9: the number of days until Kristin Chenoweth’s concert and M&G. I can’t wait to have a chance to talk with her and am already considering the notecard option (like I did with Kelly), so I don’t forget anything. To say I’m ridiculously excited for this opportunity is an understatement.

26: the number of books I’m hoping to dive into this year, although if my to-read list is any indication, it should really be double that amount. So many stories, not enough hours in the day.

4,812,692: the number of times I check my inbox daily. Kidding. Sort of. This querying business is a good reminder that patience is indeed a virtue.

What numbers are defining your weekend?


12 thoughts on “All in the Numbers, Part Two.

  1. Oh my goodness, that word count! I knew you were zooming along with Watercolors, but I didn’t realize how far you’d already gotten. That’s excellent. I can’t wait to hear more about this WIP. I’m sure it’s wonderful and I’m glad things are going well with the writing.

    I’m pretty sure my number as far as checking my email is similar, haha. Other relevant numbers for me include 4: the number of days left until I start my final semester of grad school. I’d also include a number for what the temperature has been like here lately, but that would just be cruel. ;)

    Have fun at the concert!

    • Know what the best part is? I’m at ~53,000 now and only one chapter shy of being halfway through the book. For the first time ever, I might have a first draft that isn’t tens of thousands of words too long! (Of course, I already have a ton of things I want to change and add, but I won’t worry about that yet … )

      Today’s your first day of the final semester, right? I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. It feels like you just started! Wishing you the best (and least stressful as possible) semester. Also: can I somehow convince you to send that warm weather eastward? Pleaseeee?

  2. Haha, I always feel bad when I see your “longing for warm weather” tweets, because I quite enjoy the cold. I mean, yes, this is a bit excessive! But still, I prefer it over summer. (Spring and fall are perfect and beautiful compromises, though. My faves.)

    Love the name of your WIP, btw!

    Numbers, hmm… Most of the numbers governing my life/mental space right now are querying-related too, so I don’t feel like I can share them, but needless to say, I totally sympathize with your eagerness for news. ;P

    • Normally I love the snow and don’t even mind the cold (well, relatively speaking — 20s and 30s, not any of this single digit and negative windchill nonsense!), but it’s just been so constant this winter that I’m over it. I agree with you, spring is perfect, and I can’t wait for it to get here!

      Thank you! It randomly popped into my head right before I started drafting and I knew it the one. I’m really, really excited about it and how it ties into the book.

      Fingers crossed for you, as always!

  3. Wow, Shari! You’ve already written so much to WATERCOLORS (in PAINS me to write that without the letter ‘u’ after the ‘o’), that’s absolutely fantastic! I hope things warm up for you shortly and that spring doesn’t take too long to arrive. Be well!

    • Oh, that made me laugh! I think it would pain me to write it with the ‘u,’ so I totally get where you’re coming from. And thank you! We finally made it above freezing today, so hopefully that’s a start! :)

  4. 42,189 My number for my current WIP, 12 the number of pounds I’ve lost since Christmas, 3 the number of pounds I want to lose before my birthday. I love looking at things in numbers!

    • Thank you so much!

      Oh my gosh, I’m so excited I can’t stand it! I obsessively check the weather forecast at least five times per day, hoping Mother Nature will cut me a break and not mess things up with snow or ice. Ahh, I can’t wait, and will definitely be posting pictures!

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