A Confessionary Tale.

“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I confess that: although I’ve been working feverishly on WATERCOLORS and have been looking forward to some downtime for the past few weeks, now that the first draft is officially finished (!) and I’m not at my writing desk this morning, I already miss my characters.

I confess that: I didn’t think I’d be much of an audiobook person, but thanks to an awesome app for the iPod, I’ve become a huge fan and now love listening to books as much as reading them.

I confess that: I’m super disappointed today, because instead of visiting my friend and her sweet daughters, I’m stuck at home with what seems to be the beginning of a sinus infection. Really bad timing, body.

I confess that: I’ve become totally addicted to Shark Tank this season and would happily watch it all day if possible.

I confess that: everything else fell by the wayside when I was in my must-finish-this-draft frenzy, so now my non-writing to-do list is about seventeen miles long.

I confess that: I check the long-range weather forecast every morning, hoping to finally see some 70s, and am crossing my fingers because it looks like Friday might be the time.

I confess that: I click on over to my inbox way too many times per day.

I confess that: Rita’s Water Ice has only been open for a month and a half and I’ve already been there five times. Oops?

I confess that: I recently bought myself a new beaded bracelet from Emme Rylan’s etsy shop and an awesome purple purse. Because sometimes we have to treat ourselves, right?

I confess that: I’m jealous of everyone going to Washington DC this week, since last year’s Cherry Blossom Festival didn’t actually have many blossoms.

Your turn! What do you confess?


15 thoughts on “A Confessionary Tale.

  1. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then.

    I confess that: I have eaten far too much chocolate in the past week.

    I confess that: I probably should be dedicating a little bit more time to my assignments and less to procrastinating.

    I confess that: I should be writing.

    Thanks for sharing your confessions with us Shari! Also, congratulations on finishing that first draft of WATERCOLOURS! Fantastic achievement!

    • Thank you! It was kind of a crazy push toward the end of it, but I’m happy with how it turned out and excited about how it can evolve.

      And hey, sometimes chocolate is brainpower, right? It really does deserve its own food group … :)

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  3. I confess that I spend every moment of my free time compiling and categorizing my Books To Buy list, complete with Amazon prices. I really need to get my book buying addiction under control!

    I also just bought the first Harry Potter on audiobook to listen to on my drive home from school. YAY AUDIOBOOKS!

  4. Shari, I love this post! What a creative idea… might have to steal for one of mine ;) I hope your sinus infection is better, and sorry that there weren’t many cherry blossoms at the festival! I went to D.C. one year in April for a conference, and they were just everywhere. But I think it was toward the end of the month, so maybe that had something to do with it. I know what you mean about missing characters once a book is done… I feel that way with my upper MG all the time! But I tell myself it’s not good to spend too much time writing sequels; better to keep chugging on with new projects!

    • Steal away! :)

      I’m finally feeling almost normal again after the sinus infection. It took a week and a half – which really wasn’t how I’d planned to spend part of my writing break – but I’m just glad the cough is dissipating. Oh, and DC must have been just gorgeous when you were there. We went at the end of March last year and it definitely ended up being too early. For now I’ll settle for looking at pictures of the blossoms! Know what helps me miss my characters a little less? I always give them a scene or two in my next project. It’s so fun to visit with them again!

  5. Me? I confess that I love the format for this blog post. :-) What a fun way to approach it! And I’m with you on audiobooks. They’re a great way to get some bits of story wherever you go. There are also some good podcasts out there, by the way.

    • Exactly! I’m one of those people who needs quiet to read, but with an audiobook, I can just pop in my headphones and listen, no matter how much noise there is — it greatly broadens the amount of time I can spend with a book, which I love! :)

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