Things I’m Loving Lately.

“All the secrets in the world worth knowing are hiding in plain sight.”
~Clay Jannon, via Robin Sloane in Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore

Hi, friends! I’m popping in from Revision Land – started the third round of edits on Watercolors this week and am somehow still enjoying the process immensely! – to say hello and see what everyone’s up to. Can we talk about the fact that it’s already mid-August? I seriously don’t understand how that’s possible. Where has the summer gone? It always seems to fly by, but this year … I don’t know, I feel like it should still be June. I wish we could slow down time, but since that’s not a possibility, I hope you all are taking a moment to enjoy these hazy, lazy (or often not-so-lazy) days and the warm sunshine. Here are a few things I’ve been loving lately:

– A weekend getaway to Lancaster, PA. We went to see the show Ballroom With a Twist, which featured performances from Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and American Idol finalists. It was such a great combination – featuring one of my favorite SYTYCDers from all the seasons! – and was so fun to see the routines in person.

Ballroom With a Twist

– The duck pond at the hotel where we stayed. There were dozens of ducks in and around the water. How adorable are these babies?

Baby ducks

– The summer scents from Bath & Body Works. Honolulu Sun, Cool Coconut Surf, and Hello Sunshine are my new favorites and will have me dreaming of the beach even when the weather turns cool.

– The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I don’t watch regularly – I’m usually asleep by the time it comes on – but I had the chance to go to a taping of the show last week and had a blast. It was so cool to see all the behind-the-scenes details and to experience such a unique kind of energy. Helen Mirren was my favorite of the guests. Added bonus: we got off the subway directly below the Simon & Schuster building and got to walk through the lobby on our way outside. This writing and reading fanatic was most excited.

Jimmy Fallon tickets

– Wawa’s banana cream smoothie. They have so many good flavors, but this one just might be the most delicious. It’s fruity and sweet, the perfect summer treat.

– Winning at miniature golf not once, but twice, and getting two holes-in-one in the same game. For someone who almost always loses, this was a pretty awesome triumph. I may or may not have done a victory dance.

Mini golf

– Animal rescue and adoption centers. I’ve been thinking about adopting a bunny for awhile now and have fallen in love with some on the centers’ websites. Hopefully I’ll get to make a furry friend part of the family soon.

– Flowers like this. The world is so pretty when its colors are bold and bright.


– Unique, original stories. I just finished MR. PENUMBRA’S 24 HOUR BOOKSTORE and really enjoyed it. It’s different from the kinds of books I normally read, but different is good sometimes.

– Working on this book baby of mine. I so love seeing it grow with each round of revisions – and shrink, too! The final draft of this will end up being my shortest ever, and for anyone who knows the way I write, you’ll understand why I’m so proud of that.

What are you all loving lately?


10 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately.

  1. Bunny! Oh if you do end up adopting one, I can’t wait to see pictures. I’m sure they’ll be as cute as (if not cuter than) those ducklings! <3

    Hm, what am I loving lately… It's a great question to ask, because for the past few days, it seems easier to wallow in the tragic headlines. :/

    I'll go with: dramatic storms, cool sunshine, emotional reads, and kind words from strangers.

    • That’s the problem — they’re all so cute, I want to adopt every single one! There are a couple in particular that I love, though, and I’m excited to get the adoption process started. :)

      Oh boy, and do I ever agree with you. I’d been wanting to write a post like this for awhile anyway, and this week seemed like a perfect time, because I feel like it’s important to also focus on the good things when there’s so much sadness and strife going on in the world. YAY for all the things you’ve been loving lately. Kind words from strangers … that’s my favorite! It’s amazing how something like that can brighten up a day!

    • It was really interesting — shorter than I expected, but lots of fun. And thank you! They’re going really well so far. Each round makes me even more excited about this story! :)

  2. Shari, I always love coming over to your blog and seeing lovely pictures! And hearing all about the interesting things you’ve done and people you’ve met <3 Banana cream smoothies sound AMAZING and I need one in my life right now! And you are a mini-golf champ… I am absolutely terrible and yet somehow my family's taking me mini-golfing for my birthday in a couple of weeks. Hopefully they let me win since I will be the birthday girl :D :D I'm right there in Revision-Land with you and thinking about buying a place, since I'm here SO OFTEN. Good luck!!!

    • Hey, you never know … normally I’m terrible at mini-golf, too, so maybe the tides are turning for all of us and we’ll start winning from now on! What a fun birthday activity. I hope you have a blast!

      Buying a place in Revision Land sounds like a good idea. Maybe we’ll end up being neighbors! ;-)

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