The Baker’s Daughter.

“The marks on our lives are like music notes on the page–they sing a song.”
~Tobias, via Sarah McCoy in The Baker’s Daughter

The Baker's Daughter

Happy Monday, friends! What do you say we start this week with a book giveaway? The wonderful Sarah McCoy has so graciously offered up a copy of THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER, and I’m thrilled to share this story with one of you guys. I absolutely adored the novel when I read it last spring, as you can see from the recap I originally posted:

You know those books that do more than touch your heart? The ones that slip seamlessly into your soul and take up permanent residence? The ones that make you laugh one moment and grow misty-eyed the next? The ones that strike a lasting chord? That’s what this book did for me. It’s been a long time since I was affected by a story on such a visceral level. From the very first word straight through until the very last, I was just spellbound by the characters and their journeys. When Reba Adams visits Elsie’s German Bakery to interview its owner and write a Christmas piece about her for a local magazine, she has no idea what awaits her. What memories she will hear from both Elsie – who, as a German teenager during WWII, hid Tobias, an escaped Jewish boy, for months – and her daughter Jane. What a deep, life-changing friendship she will form with the women. What inspiration and hope she will see in them and feel reflected on herself. The book flips between present and past, showing us the heart of who Reba and Elsie are, and offers an insightful, educational, inspiring, enlightening view. I found myself thinking about these characters even when I wasn’t reading. I woke up two hours early on more than one occasion to squeeze in extra time with them, I sat on a beach with a windchill in the forties because I only had two chapters left and couldn’t imagine not finishing the story right then, even if it meant my hands turned to ice. This story, it is compelling. Mesmerizing. Fascinating. It left a handprint on my heart, on my thoughts, and will stay with me for a very, very long time to come.

Those words, written back in May, still hold true. It’s been five months now since I read this beautiful book and I still find myself thinking about it, still find the characters dancing their way into my mind and weaving their stories into my thoughts. Books like this remind me why I first wanted to be a writer and inspire me to keep going, keep persevering, keep writing, keep dreaming. Quite simply put, books like this are a gem and make the world a better place.

I’m so excited to give away a copy of this novel! To enter, leave a comment – by Monday, September 29th – telling me: what’s your favorite treat to buy from a bakery? The winner will be chosen by and posted next week. Good luck!


7 thoughts on “The Baker’s Daughter.

  1. I’m not picky but would choose a chocolate cupcake or a scone first! I have wanted to read this since I read Sarah’s story in Grand Central!!

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