Wordless Wednesday: Jasper Jellybean Jax.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
~Anatole France

Meet Jasper Jellybean Jax, everyone! Tomorrow marks his two week “bunniversary,” but truly, it feels like he’s been part of the family for so much longer. He’s sweet and snuggly, but also so energetic, goofy, and outgoing (most of the pictures I’ve taken end up as a blur because he’s hopping and twisting so much!). I’m so glad to have adopted him, and I adore watching him explore his new home. What a love he is!




DSCN2227 - Version 2




12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Jasper Jellybean Jax.

  1. What a gorgeous bunny! I love bunnies! They’re so snuggly and playful. Sometimes I say my spirit animal is a bunny but then I often stop because presumably my real spirit animal is all like “WHAT? I GIVE YOU 23 YEARS OF SPIRIT SERVICE AND THEN YOU JUST GO AND CHOOSE A BUNNY?! WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT.” and I guess that’s no real way to treat a maybe made up animal so yes.

  2. Ahhhh he’s so cute!!! I love his markings! My friends raised bunnies for a while and I loved going over to their house to play with all the babies. They had to separate the mom and dad pretty quickly though, since they couldn’t sell the baby bunnies fast enough!

    • Aren’t they great? I love how the two colors mix together like that. Oh my gosh, and that must’ve been SO much fun, getting to play with baby bunnies! I can’t even imagine how adorable they are at that age. Such sweet little lovebugs!

  3. Ooh! Sweet, cute bunny. I’ve never had a pet bunny, but the kids kept begging me to get one after they learned some friends had one. With our luck, my youngest would set it on fire or something like that. So yeah, for the health of bunnies everywhere, I will never own one. Super cute!

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