A Tale of Two Pictures.

“When writing a novel, a writer should create living people; people, not characters. A character is a caricature.”
~Ernest Hemingway


Guess who officially chose a writing journal and started working on her new novel last Thursday? Guess who is very, very excited about that? The idea for this one has been percolating for over a year now, and it’s been such fun to take it from something abstract to concrete. There’s still a lot of research and planning to be done before I begin writing, but I’m having so much fun with it that I don’t even mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just itching to write again after spending all those months editing, but I’ve always been a fan of this part of the process, too. There’s something invigorating about the plotting stage – the pages are still blank, literally and figuratively, just waiting for a world to be born, for characters to be born, for a story to be born. I’ve spent a lot of time these past several days fleshing out my two main characters and am almost giddy about their journeys. This book is going to be quite different from anything I’ve ever worked on, both format-wise and story-wise, and even though it feels strange to be visiting with other characters instead of Sofie and Company, it’s also exciting. I kind of feel like Pandora, but in a good way, about to open a new box and watch infinite possibilities spring up from inside. To Charlotte and Remi: I cannot wait to tell your stories. You are already like living, breathing people to me, and I’m looking forward to seeing where those possibilities take us.


I’ve mentioned my love of General Hospital many times, so it should come as no surprise that yesterday’s event with Laura Wright, Lisa LoCicero, Julie Berman, and Kelly Sullivan was a blast. Pretty sure they had the entire place laughing out loud for two hours straight. It was lovely to talk with Laura again, and I’m especially glad for the opportunity to meet Lisa, whose sunny spirit is truly contagious. As always, the awesomeness of the cast made me even prouder to be a GH fan.

Hmm, maybe one of my new characters will love the show, too. They do always say to “write what you know,” right? Off to brainstorm some more now …


Rhythm of the Heart.

“The straight paved road won’t always get you farther than the winding dirt road.”
~Kelly Monaco

If you’ve been anywhere near my Facebook and Twitter feeds over the past three months, then you know how fervently I was rooting for Kelly Monaco to win this all-star season of Dancing with the Stars. It was a blast to watch her routines every week and also to see so many of her GH co-stars support her in the audience. I have been a fan of Kelly’s since her General Hospital debut back in 2003, and not only because she does such a lovely job of telling Sam’s story. Beyond that, she is genuinely gracious – I’ll never forget how she took the time to talk with me after co-hosting Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving parade back in 2005 – and diligently devoted. She is the kind of person who creates luck instead of waiting to find it, the kind of person who chases her dreams and works hard to turn them into reality. If you watched Dancing with the Stars, you know that. Kelly twirled her way into the hearts of people everywhere, and despite scores from the judges that were often lower than they gave other contestants, she and dance partner Val made it into this week’s finals. And while they finished in third place on the show, they were – and are – number one in every way that matters. They reminded us to never give up on our hopes, to never stop reaching for the stars even if they seem out of reach. They reminded us that people come into our lives for a reason and that lifelong friendships can blossom when you least expect it. They reminded us to always work endlessly for what we believe in. They reminded us to dance to our own song and listen to our own music. They reminded us not to internalize it when others doubt our goals. They reminded us that, even though the straight and paved road may be more direct, it isn’t nearly as meaningful as the winding, dirt one. Simply put, they reminded us to spin the rhythm of our hearts and to soar on its wings.

Seventy-percent of the way through my last major round of revisions for Mine to Love, I admit that I’m ready to cross the finish line and start the next segment of the race. I am so excited about this book and can’t wait to begin the querying process for it. Do I know how my quest to send it out into the world will play out? No. Do I know how the paths will curve? No. But, like Kelly said, I have faith in the journey. Whatever roads this book takes are the ones it is meant to travel. So, Kelly, I owe you a triple thank you – for your sincerity at the Thanksgiving parade, for your kindness in signing my parade production pass when I saw you at a GH meet&greet, and for your inspiration now. LeAnn Womack sings, “when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.” Thank you for doing that and for motivating us all to do the same.

Your turn: who is your all-time favorite Dancing with the Stars contestant?

GH Love.

“When you write a book, you spend day after day scanning and identifying the trees. When you’re done, you have to step back and look at the forest.”
~Stephen King

So … the forest of my book? The landscape of trees that’s coming together after the seeds were planted and the ideas took root? It’s something I’m really excited about, and very proud of, and so, so eager to start sending out into the world. But it’s also becoming a bit of something else: an occupational hazard. I have been spending so much time editing lately that my neck and eyes are beginning to protest. As in, I’ve been legitimately worried the last couple days that a blood vessel in my eye is going to pop. I’ll spare y’all the lovely details – just suffice it to say, I’m trying to majorly cut down on the computer time this weekend. Editing has been going well – so well, in fact, that this manuscript is actually going to dip below my target word count, which never (ever … E.V.E.R.) happens! – and though I’m reticent to scale back on my workload, I’m also trying to be smart about things. So, instead of a wordy post today, you get pictures of the General Hospital event I attended yesterday. It was a Q&A and meet-and-greet with Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), and Brandon Barash (Johnny). I’ve met Bradford and Brandon before, but not Kirsten, and so it was lovely to talk with her (as well as them – I made sure to tell Bradford that Spinelli’s laptop needs a name!). It always strikes me how genuine and gracious the GH cast is. They love their jobs, they love their co-workers, they love interacting with their fans … they are just wonderful people.

Her sunny spirit is contagious!

Take 1!

Take 2!

Tell me – if you could meet the cast of any television show, who would you choose?

Lights, Camera, Action.

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”
~Sanford Meisner

I have written many times about my love of General Hospital, so it should come as no surprise that I jumped at the chance to attend an event this past weekend with two of its stars, Rebecca Herbst and Scott Reeves. They play Elizabeth and Steve Webber – a fantastic sister and brother duo – and I was quite looking forward to hearing what they had to say about the show. I’d met Becky once before and remembered her as being quiet, but so insightful and sweet at the same time. That was the case on Saturday, too. There’s a grace and graciousness to her that emanates constantly. And Scott, what can I say about Scott? He is also very sweet … and hilarious. As in, laugh-out-loud funny. You can tell that he and Rebecca are great friends, which made for a really fun afternoon with them. They chatted, they answered questions, they cracked jokes, they took pictures and signed autographs, they made everyone feel welcome. I know soap operas catch a lot of flack from some people, but in addition to the actual show, I think this is one of the reasons why they stand apart in a good way – because you can see, literally, how genuinely the actors enjoy meeting and engaging with the fans. It’s an awesome community.

I won’t get into all the details from the Q&A (though I have to share the funniest part – Becky’s reaction to someone suggesting an Elizabeth and Sonny pairing? “Sonny will sneeze on her and she’ll end up pregnant with triplets!” SO. FUNNY.), but I do want to mention something that came up while I was talking to Becky during the meet and greet. As my friend Steph and I were waiting in line, I was trying to decide what to say. I had my talking points, so to speak, for Scott – I wanted to comment on particular scenes of his that he shared with the actress who plays his mother. I wasn’t sure what to single out to speak about with Becky, though … until a few minutes before my turn, when it was one of those light-bulb moments. After she and Scott signed my GH bag and we chatted a bit about the fabulous Robin Mattson, I told Becky how authentic her scenes are, how it doesn’t feel like I’m watching a television show, but rather simply dropping in on someone’s life. Scott said something to the effect of “wow, what a compliment!” and Becky agreed, thanking me and saying how sweet it was.

The whole exchange got me thinking: isn’t it the same with writing? Don’t we put ourselves into our characters’ shoes – into their lives – much the way actors do? Don’t we strive to make them as realistic, as authentic, as true as possible? Don’t we want to create an experience for readers where they feel as though they’re dropping in on someone’s world, rather than watching from afar? I’ve never really considered the similarities between acting and writing before, but I can see now that there are parallels. That the same hallmarks apply. That the same lessons can be learned. No, we don’t have the same visual tactics that actors use, but we can try to achieve the same through our words. We can show instead of tell. We can paint a picture through dialogue and description. We can set a scene. It may not be “lights, camera, action” in the traditional sense, but those elements are still there. The lights illuminate the thoughts whirling through our heads, the ones scrawled out in our writing journals, the ones motivating and inspiring our characters. The cameras are mental instead of physical. They capture a freeze frame in our mind’s eye and we then have the joy of trying to recreate it in words. And action … well, books may play out in 2D instead of 3D, but the action is still there.

Anyone else agree? Or have I just been watching too much GH and it’s gone to my head? :)

Also: completely unrelated, but l’shana tova to everyone celebrating! May your New Year be healthy, happy, and sweet! xoxo

Idol Tour 2012.

Pretty sure I’ve been the world’s worst blogger lately – forget about forty-eight hour days, somebody needs to figure out a way for there to be seventy-two instead – and since I’m currently looking at an empty suitcase (oops), I’m afraid that’s not going to change today. My schedule got a bit thrown off when I woke up yesterday with fever. Aches and chills? Not good anytime, let alone two days before you’re leaving for vacation and right before you have plans to attend a concert. Advil seems to have done its job, though, and thankfully the fever has been gone since last evening. A slight cold seems to have taken its place, which is still a bummer since we’re leaving tomorrow, but I’ll take that over the alternative any day of the week. ANYWAY, the point to my ramblings is that, yet again, this post is basically a bunch of pictures. I promise: things will get back to normal around here soon! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the snapshots from last night’s American Idol tour, one of the best in years! Everyone was fantastic, even better than on the show, and they were all so sweet when we met them afterwards.

Heejun! He made me smile every week on the show – such a fun-loving, endearing person!

Elise was my favorite this year, and her voice was CRAZY GOOD in person. Bonus points to her for being so gracious, kind, and friendly at the M&G afterwards!

Erika! She’s so bubbly and genuine!

Okay … off to tackle my packing. My next post will be written from an oceanside balcony. WhooHoo!

In a New York Minute.

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”
~Thomas Wolfe

It’s been a picture perfect spring so far when it comes to the weather – mild temperatures, sunny skies the color of robin’s eggs, trees and flowers blossoming with a rainbow of pinks, reds, yellows, and purples. So naturally (because this is the way it always works, yes?), the one weekend we had tickets to a Broadway show in New York, there was a Nor’easter. I know, I know – Nor’easters are for the winter. They involve swirling snowflakes and frigid digits. Except when they storm up the coast in April, and then they involve sheets of rain and gusty winds that make using an umbrella a Herculean task (or maybe just a useless one).

So what do you do in NYC when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate?

-Take goofy pictures in your hotel room.


-Adopt a cuddly friend (because everyone has to love stuffed polar bears, even those of us who are twenty-eight).


-Watch the sky’s leaky faucet drop over three inches of rain on a deserted, waterlogged Times Square (SO STRANGE to see it that desolate!).

Times Square

-Snap photos of the surrounding skyscrapers disappearing into a blanket of fog.


-Fly out of your hotel the next morning when you see that Kate Walsh is on Good Morning America, because really, how awesome would it be to catch a glimpse of an actress you love? When she’s jetted off for her next appearance on Live with Kelly, hang around outside the studio and watch the fabulous Robin Roberts celebrate her tenth anniversary with GMA.

Robin 1

Robin 2

Robin 3

-Walk for miles, despite the cold weather, because WHOOHOO IT’S NOT RAINING ANYMORE!


Times Square


Rockefeller 2


-Pose with Times Square in the background.


-Go back to the theater the day after seeing the show so you can actually get a picture without rain splatters dotting the camera lens.


We may have been rained upon, but we definitely didn’t allow ourselves to get rained out. Because NYC is always magical, always electrifying, always alive with energy. It is the kind of place you can belong to instantly. It’s the kind of place you can immerse yourself in, the kind of place you can travel to again and again (and again), the kind of place that makes you feel big and small at the same time. Have you ever been somewhere that evokes the same inspiration in you? Where was it?

Tuesday’s Tunes: The Stronger Tour.

“This is not my surrender
I’m not runnin’ for cover
I’m right here
I know you see me
But your words no longer defeat me…”
~Kelly Clarkson, “The War Is Over”

Warning: this post will contain excessive excitement, enthusiasm, elation, and, yes, exclamation points. Because Sunday? It was the BEST. DAY. EVER.

We headed down to Atlantic City around noon and then proceeded to stalk (erm … visit) the Taj Mahal box office for our Meet & Greet passes. First we were told they’d be there at 3:30, then 5:00, then 5:30, then … well, you get the picture. They weren’t brought down until nearly 6:00, but that’s okay because while we were waiting, we got to listen to Kelly’s soundcheck. The doors were closed, but it was still really awesome to hear her and the band practicing – especially because one of the songs was a new addition to the setlist and something we hadn’t heard her perform live before! The passes arrived shortly thereafter, and to say we were thrilled is probably the understatement of the year. Decade. Century. How did we show that? By taking a zillion pictures with our passes, of course.

Our instructions told us to meet by stage right at 7:30 – when the opening act started – but we got there fifteen minutes early, just in case, and were met by the head of Kelly’s security, who checked our passes and separated us according to group. I love that they save the fanclub meet and greet for last because it means you get more time with Kelly. They took us backstage (literally behind the stage – we saw the dressing rooms, catering, band area – SO NEAT!) and Kelly’s security head explained how things would go. Everyone with RCA passes would see Kelly first, then the radio winners, and then us … which meant lots of nervous and excited chatter as we (im)patiently waited our turn. It’s funny: we’ve known for a week – some of us longer – that we had the passes, so you’d think that would be enough time to process it, but standing backstage was still so surreal. It’s like we were floating in a bubble of happiness and the air around us was just fizzing with energy and adrenaline.

I was the first of our group of six to talk with Kelly. I made myself a notecard again, complete with a reminder to actually tell her my name this time (go on and laugh!), but I was (slightly) calmer than the first time four and a half years ago so I decided not to use it … and then forgot to say my name AGAIN. Oops? That’s alright, because I said everything else I wanted to. Before I even got over to her – as soon as she was finished with the person in front of me, actually – she smiled and called over, “Ooh, I love your sweater!” That almost made us all crack up, because I seriously made myself nuts trying to find the perfect outfit. I went to four different stores, had five different possibilities, and didn’t decide until about an hour before we left. Boy, am I super glad I chose that one!! :) I thanked her, she hugged me, and as she pulled back I was instantly struck by how intense and expressive her eyes are. I remember that from before, too – she holds your gaze the entire time you’re talking with her and you can just tell she truly, genuinely cares. She doesn’t do the M&Gs because she has to; she does them because she wants to, honestly and sincerely. The first thing I told her was that I’m a writer and how I build a soundtrack/playlist (though I’m almost certain I got flustered with her two inches away and called it a setlist, but whatever – she knew what I meant) for each book, and that for the one I’m starting now, the main song on that list is her new one, “Stronger.” As soon as she heard about me being a writer, she said “Oh my God, that’s so cool!” and she broke into this huge smile when I mentioned her song being the inspiration for my characters and their upcoming journey. She said that it’s one of her favorite songs and totally empowering to sing – and I know there was something else she said, too, but it is SUCH a blur when you’re up there with her that I cannot for the life of me remember what it is.

The other important thing I wanted to tell her … well, it was more of a thank you than anything, for her song “The Sun Will Rise.” I told her that it was one of the only things that brought true comfort and peace to me after our family went through such a horrible time last year. I swear, I’ll never, ever, ever forget the look on her face – and in her eyes – when I told her what happened with Gram. There was such empathy there as she said she was so sorry, and Mary Kate said she looked really touched by what I’d said. How many celebrities do you find who so fervently and compassionately care about their fans like that? It was just very, very sweet and very, very special. She told me that they were going to sing TSWR that night, but had replaced it with a different one for the acoustic set. We took our picture next – I asked for a hugging one, she said “sure!” and grabbed me – and before it was time to leave, she called out this loud “good luck with your writing!” SO UNBELIEVABLY COOL and something I’ll remember always. And our picture? It is definitely getting framed and hung up immediately!!!!


Marissa was next to meet her, then Sara, Mary Kate, Julie, and Daniel. It was so wonderful to watch them all with her, especially everyone who was meeting her for the first time and having their dream come true. The joy was truly palpable and there are no words to express how elated I am for them that they finally got to have this experience. Seeing them with Kelly made my heart so happy. Seeing all my fabulous friends with her did.

I think the best way I can describe meeting and talking to her is that it feels like a bear hug. Like Mary Kate was saying yesterday – when you’re with her, she makes you feel like you’re the only person she cares about at that time. It’s a really special, genuine quality – and she is so humble and down-to-earth. Marissa, Sara, and Mary Kate talked to her about dancing, teaching, and delivering babies, and her response was “Man … writers, teachers, dancers, nurses … y’all are talented! All I do is sing!” She meant it, too. She’s just so gracious and personable, always treating her fans like friends. And, honestly, I believe that’s how she views everyone. The gratitude and appreciation goes both ways, and that sets her apart from so many others.

As soon as we got back to the arena, we shared a group hug and bounced around in excitement. To be blessed enough to share the M&G experience together was and will forever be such a gift. And the concert! It was FABULOUS, a celebration of her ten-year career (looking forward to the next ten!) that included lots of songs from every album. She even did a song in the audience right from the row behind us! She is so personable and spunky – stopping to chat with people in the audience and teasing the spotlight guy who couldn’t seem to find her for half the show – and she seriously has SO much energy, it’s crazy. I can’t get over how she can sing while twirling, spinning, jumping, and bouncing everywhere. As for us … we danced/jumped/sang so much that we left the casino barely able to walk or speak. Oops? Such a truly fantastic time, though, and I loved getting to experience it together with my family and friends. It made it so very special.






Julie & Daniel



This week’s Tuesday’s Tunes? Concert videos, of course!

“I Forgive You”:

“The War Is Over”:

It’s no secret that Kelly’s been a gigantic inspiration to me for years, and I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to talk with her again. She’s such a special person, one who truly makes the world better for being in it, and there really are no words for how very much Sunday meant. To be able to thank her for her music, to explain what a chord it strikes, how deep an impact it has, and how strongly it helps give us faith when we need it the most … and to see her reaction to my writing … and just to have a conversation with each other, to be reminded yet again of how graciously and whole-heartedly she cares about her fans, it was truly a treasure to cherish. It was a ray of sunshine, a cloud nine to settle on, and a starburst of hope. It resounded. It resonated. Kelly’s heart is as big as her talent, and we are the luckiest ever to have gotten to experience it again. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like that.

Why this week rocks:

“Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.”
~Maxim Gorky

When your week begins like this, it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for how the next seven days will play out. Luckily, a trip to the Apple store + the return of my multi-colored planning pens + some really exciting news has done more than enough to balance out the computer troubles. So, you may ask, why does this week rock?

Reason #1: Seeing the MacBook Pro in person and getting to explore its features? Made me want to buy one instantly. Despite the insanity of the Apple store (wow, do they need a space that’s double the size), the employees were all so friendly and helpful, and beyond that, the computers are just … awesome. If only I were a millionaire, I’d have snapped one up in a nanosecond. But since that’s not the case, I’m now weighing the OMGIWANTTHISLAPTOP voice in my head with the one that reminds me how much more affordable and reasonable a PC would be. Only … we can’t be reasonable all the time, right?

Reason #2: Who has a Meet & Greet pass for Kelly Clarkson’s concert this Sunday? ME!! I’m so excited I can’t stand it, so I can only imagine how giddy this weekend will be. And even better – my sister and friends have passes, too. To say I’m thrilled for them to meet Kelly for the first time is an understatement. Sharing the news with everyone yesterday was such fun. Is there anything better in this world than being able to make other people happy? I think not. I truly cannot wait to share this experience with them, and of course to talk with Kelly again. She has been such an inspiration over the years and I’m already planning what all I want to tell her this time. Here’s hoping I don’t ramble on for so long that she has to interrupt to ask my name like she did back in 2007. Ha. Really, though, when Kelly Clarkson is the one you’re embarrassing yourself in front of, it’s all good. All great. All SO FANTASTIC THAT YOU WANT TO JUMP UP AND DOWN!! Is it Sunday yet?!

Reason #3: Most people dislike Monday mornings. This week, I was looking forward to it more than words can express. Why, you may ask? Because I FINALLY got to start working on my new novel! Okay, okay, it’s only been six months since I finished writing the first draft of the previous one, but when writing fills you up like nothing else can, six months feels like an eternity. For as awesome a process as editing turned out to be, nothing – nothing – can compare to the adrenaline and hope of beginning a new manuscript. It’s like a new journey just waiting to unfold. A new adventure just waiting to envelop you in its grasp. A new baby just waiting to be born. Sitting down at my desk, swirling out my multi-colored pens like a rainbow of inspiration, it made this pure, innate joy swell inside. Getting started on character sketches, loose outlines, and research? I know it’s work – and challenging work at that – but my goodness, it feels like such a ray of light. There’s so much faith, so much belief, so much love at this stage of the game. And yes, the characters may be like old friends to me by this point, but their story is constantly spinning and creating new threads in their tapestry. So excited to see what they weave.

How has your week been going? Tell me one reason why it rocks!

Sunshine for the Soul.

“Some people make the world special just by being in it.”

Ten and a half years ago, I watched my first episode of General Hospital. Six years ago, I met one of my absolute favorite actresses from it, Nancy Lee Grahn, for the first time. Four years ago, Nancy came back to New York for another event. Two years ago, she hosted a third get-together. And yesterday, during a luncheon that was filled with laughter, joy, appreciation, and sincerity, she gave me a plethora of new memories to smile upon forever.

Nancy is gracious, genuine, and down-to-earth. She plops down next to you at the table, talks to you like you’ve been friends forever, and remembers so many little details from years ago that it makes you marvel. So, when she announced her most recent event in New York, I didn’t think twice about buying a ticket. Nancy’s events are simply not-missable. She’s just that awesome.

Bright and early yesterday, Mom and I headed up to NYC. Penn Station was surprisingly quiet for a holiday weekend (well, at that point, anyway – not so much on the journey home), and as we waited for our connecting train out to Long Island, chords of violin music and tinkling, twinkling Salvation Army bells played in the background. After the second train ride, we arrived at the adorable boutique restaurant where the luncheon was being held. Nancy’s previous events have all been in NYC hotels, so this had a completely different vibe. It was smaller, more intimate (which is hard to achieve at a Nancy event, because they’re already so personalized), and even more laden with laughter than usual. She did her usual “pinky swear,” where we all promised not to repeat anything, so no spoilers. I’ll just say that, as always, she was her lovely, earnest, passionate self.

She chatted for two hours – about everything from Thanksgiving to her driving escapades to Twitter – and was full of humor, insight, wit, and eloquence. She moves around so much that it was tough to get pictures (gonna have to explore that “fast motion” setting on my new camera!), but I managed to snap a few. Favorite one? Nancy showing off her waitressing skills. She blew into the restaurant like a whirlwind of energy and immediately ran over to grab this tray of drinks. “I’ll serve you all!” she declared happily, and then she proceeded to do just that.

Nancy - drinks

Nancy - chatting

As always, visiting with her one-on-one was my favorite part. She signed our picture from last time, then happily signed another for a friend of mine up in Massachusetts who wasn’t able to attend. Quotable line: “I’ve already managed to forget what her name is. Can you remind me?” It was extra amusing because I hadn’t yet told her. We talked for quite awhile after that. She’d mentioned several times that she wants to write about her experiences – “that’s going in the book!” – and how much she admires writers, so I told her that she should seriously pursue it. She’s so talented and so articulate that she’d honestly have a bestseller on her hands. I brought her up to speed on my books and publication quest – she knew about the journalism, but not the creative writing – and she asked if it’s hard to get published. I said yes, of course, and I swear, I’ll never forget the look on her face when I told her I’ve gotten requests from agents and that the full manuscript is currently out with one. The way her eyes got wide and she beamed will forever be imprinted in my mind, as will her “that’s AWESOME!” She asked me what the books are about and listened – genuinely cared and listened – as I described them. Then – this cracked us up – she looked at my mom, winked, and went, “is she good?!” She was teasing, of course, but Mom still launched into this whole mini-speech about my writing. ‘Twas cute on both their parts. We took a few pictures (“I wasn’t ready! Let’s take another!”), and then, in a moment I will always treasure, she turned back to me and said “Keep me updated about the books. I’ll buy them! I want to read!” So sweet and so sincere, too. Made my entire day and then some.

Still chatting ... oops!

Nancy and me!

Family pic!

And, because this is too amusing not to post … the restaurant where the event was held is located in Great Neck, Long Island. Struck us funny since my constant writing-editing-querying results in too much computer work, and, subsequently, some rather not-so-fun neck pain. Maybe this is a sign that it’ll disappear for good?

Great Neck

Huge, ginormous thank yous go out to Nancy for yet another fabulous experience. It was truly sunshine for the soul. There are some people who make this world special just by being in it, and she’s one of them. Her heart’s as big as her talent, and I will always be grateful for the memories she has given me to treasure.

Have you ever met a favorite actor or actress? What was it like?