Mine to Love

Thirty-two-year-old Sofie Jacobs thought she had it figured out: that nurture is as important as nature. After all, as an adoptee herself, she’s come to understand that family is less about sharing genes and more about sharing love. But then a miscarriage snatches away her dream of having another child, darkening it into a nightmare of grief, and her body isn’t the only thing to feel barren. Even as her heart fights to heal, her soul stays paralyzed. With a young daughter who struggles to understand the loss, an advertising company that falls through the cracks, and a sister-in-law who announces her own pregnancy only a few weeks later, Sofie can’t help feeling as though her life has been splintered into a million pieces.

That changes when her family’s journey takes a different path: adoption. For someone who thinks destiny is created, not discovered, it’s a challenge to put her future in someone else’s hands. It’s a challenge to step forward onto a road paved with uncertainty, a challenge to risk her heart – along with those of her husband and daughter – on this leap of faith that has no safety net. Navigating their way through a flurry of interviews, home study visits, and meetings with birth parents, the Jacobs family must find a way to believe again. To trust again. To hope again. But when a mistake in judgment blindsides them, threatening to negate all their new dreams and taunting Sofie with demons she thought were long since gone, the question becomes: is it possible to learn from the past without getting ensnared in its constraints? Or does happily-ever-after come with a price tag that’s too hefty to pay?

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