Reflections of Me

When the past battles with the future, can the present ever win?

It’s a question twenty-eight-year-old Sofie Jacobs never thought she’d have to ask. After all, she’s practically walking on air these days – with a thriving career in advertising, a husband she adores, and the thrilling news that she’s expecting her first baby, everything seems to have fallen perfectly into place. But when she discovers her adoption certificate hidden away in her parents’ desk, it becomes startlingly clear that appearance doesn’t always equal reality. Suddenly her neatly boxed life isn’t so organized anymore. And her journey to becoming a mother? It’s instantly complicated by the fact that she no longer knows who she is as a daughter. She may have the rest of her life ahead of her, but life until this point … as it turns out, it’s all been a lie.

Learning that she was adopted sends Sofie’s world into a tailspin and leaves her questioning everything she once knew to be true. Always the type to leap with both feet and an open heart, she sets out to find the people who gave her up all those years ago. But with an overprotective husband who worries about the strain she’s putting on herself during pregnancy, a sister who can no longer see her the same way, and a best friend whose own individuality is slipping into the folds of a relationship gone wrong, she soon finds herself stuck in a nonstop cycle of even more confusion. Is identity what we’re born with or what we make it? Can the family we choose ever transcend the one we’re born into? As she struggles to make sense of everything, Sofie must ask herself the most important questions of all: where does the past belong, and how much of her future is she willing to risk to find out?

2 thoughts on “Reflections of Me

  1. Contemporary women’s fiction isn’t my normal genre of interest, but you’ve written the synopsis so well I’d be sorely tempted to read it.

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