“Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day.”
~W. Earl Hall

The always awesome Megan tagged me for the “five things that make you happy meme,” so I figured I’d take a break from the writewritewritewrite frenzy to share some of what’s currently putting a smile on my face.

1. My WIP: Okay, so maybe this isn’t much of a break from it after all. It’s certainly no secret how much I’ve adored writing this book. In fact, you’re all probably getting quite tired of hearing me blab on and on about it. Don’t worry. There’s only three chapters to go, so after next week you won’t be subjected to my incessant ramblings. It’s just … I can’t necessarily explain it, but there’s something about this project that has instilled a permanent ‘writer’s high’ in me. I work on it until my eyes scream and my head aches, and then I keep thinking about the characters even when I’ve left the computer behind. Something about this story is resonating with me in a way that transcends words. Will it do the same for anyone else? Who knows? Even if it doesn’t, this will forever be a writing experience filled with joy.

2. The prospect of sand, sea, boardwalk, and books: After spending the past four months writing about both Nantucket and Atlantic City, I can’t wait to escape to the shore for a few days later this month. It will forever be my happy place, and I’m counting down until the moment when I’m sitting on the beach with a book in hand and the sound of tumbling waves whispering in my ear.

3. The weather: After a cool and damp start to the season, followed by a spike in temperatures to something more reminiscent of August, springtime has finally set up shop here in Pennsylvania. Yesterday could not have been more beautiful: cloudless cornflower blue sky, temperatures in the mid-70s, and air that smelled sweet as honeysuckle. Today promises to be a repeat and I can’t wait to get outside for another long walk to the pond. This picture is from April, so the trees are much fuller now … and while the view of the water isn’t as clear, that makes it more special to see the spray arcing up into the air, soaring skywards like a beacon of hope.


4. ‘Jessie’s Girl’: Pretty sure this song has been stuck in my head ever since Rick Springfield sang it on General Hospital during April’s Nurses’ Ball. It has one of those melodies that just worms its way into your thoughts and refuses to leave. Give it a listen and you too will be tapping your feet to the beat.

5. Water ice: How better to celebrate the warmer weather? Icy foods have sometimes been challenging to eat since I began using Invisalign back in January, but I always make an exception for this. With a Rita’s just minutes away – offering flavors such as fudge brownie, red velvet cake, and s’mores – how can I not?

Your turn: what’s one thing making you happy this week?


10 thoughts on “Five.

  1. This is SUCH a fun post! I’m so jealous about your upcoming beach time, a bunch of us were just talking about the beach at work today. :)

    A few things are making me happy this week. My new Sarah Dessen book (I feel like it’s ALL i’ve talked about in three days!), finally making some progress on my WIP and establishing a writing routine, and getting to have lunch with one of my coworkers who switched departments and I hadn’t seen her in ages. :)

    • Right now the forecast shows rain for almost every day we’ll be there, but hopefully that’ll change. Aww, and I think you need a beach vacation, too. You more than deserve it!

      YAY for the new book and an even bigger YAY for your WIP! I’m super excited for you and looking forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Let’s hope the weather stays somewhat normal and no more of those crazy storms! cute post, dear, and I can picture you smiling as you describe everything.

    • Agreed. We’ve had some flooding rain the past few days and they’re saying to expect more on Thursday, but hopefully things will calm down for the whole country soon. No more storms!

  3. Is that your backyard? It’s beautiful! I hope you get that view from your writing spot every day. It would be so inspirational!

    Ah, yes. Jessie’s Girl. I get that one in my head, too. It’s so fun and cute, and you just really feel for the guy. It has the makings of a good love story — or, at least, the beginnings of one.

    One thing that’s making me happy? Let’s see. I just came back from a trip, which was really fun, especially seeing it through Sunshine’s eyes. (She loved the zoo and playing with my friend Heather’s daughter, who’s two weeks younger than she is.) I’m also happy to be home, though. In my own bed. With my cats. Being able to get back into my book and be back in my own routine. So while I’m sad that our trip is over, there’s always a little “Ahhhh! It’s good to be home again!” feeling, too.

    • Oh boy, I wish! It’s from a neighborhood about two miles down the road … sometimes when the weather cooperates I go for a walk and just hang out there for awhile. You’re right, though, it’s so inspiring – made me have an epiphany about something in my book when I was there last week! :)

      I’m so glad you had a wonderful time on the trip! It sounds like lots of fun (and looks like it, too, judging from the pictures you all were posting! Photoshoot?!). How sweet that your little miss had a playmate the whole time! You and Heather must’ve just loved watching them together!

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