Portrait of a soon-to-be-querying writer.

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”
~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Step 1: Finish your revisions. Fall in love with your book-baby all over again.

Step 2: Sit down to write your query letter. Remind yourself that, contrary to popular belief, this has actually been a fun process in the past.

Step 3: Write query letter. Wonder how you ever thought this was enjoyable. Resist the urge to hurl your laptop out the window.

Step 4: Write synopsis. Try even harder to resist the urge to hurl your laptop out the window.

Step 5: Rewrite your query letter. Again. And again. And again. Rewrite it until it flows, until it entices, until it works.

Step 6: Edit your synopsis down. Delete, delete, delete.

Step 7: Treat yourself to an ice cream break. Or a Starbucks break. Or possibly both, because chocolate and coffee are an awesome combination. And maybe a Candy Crush break, too?

Step 8: Update your agent database. Work outside since the weather is beautiful. Forget about your allergies, because it is WARM and SUNNY and who cares about some pollen?

Step 9: Hello, headache. Hours upon hours of staring at a screen and inputting data does not help with the eye strain, either. But the spreadsheet is so pretty! It’s all alphabetized and color-coded! Yay!

Step 10: Remember that query letter you thought was finished? Not yet. Tweak a sentence here, change your word choice there. FINALLY do a victory dance when it’s polished for good.

Step 11: Update that spreadsheet some more. Acknowledge that Excel is becoming your new BFF.

Step 12: Start to feel those butterflies flutter their way through your heart whenever you think of sending your book out there into the world. Nervous butterflies. Excited butterflies. Hopeful butterflies.

Step 13: Find your coat of armor. You’ll need it.

Step 14: Go get some more chocolate. You’ll need that, too.

Step 15: Step onto the roller-coaster and prepare for what will hopefully be the ride of a lifetime.


5 thoughts on “Portrait of a soon-to-be-querying writer.

  1. Oh so very true. So much revision and a definite need of chocolate and armour… Do you think making some chocolate armour would be a good idea? If you’re querying at the moment, then the absolutely best of luck to you Shari! I hope it goes really well for you.

    • Thank you so much! Sent out the first round of queries today … fingers crossed!

      Oh my gosh, and yes, someone really needs to invent chocolate armor. Sounds perfect!

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